Do your kids ever attempt to get away with something right under your nose, but you know EXACTLY what they're trying to do? These parents talk about some of the clever, and not so clever things their children were sneaky about. Enjoy!

My 17 year old is freaking out right now because she thinks the car was stolen. It wasn't stolen. She told me she was going to be at a girlfriend's house overnight, but this morning I spotted the car outside her boyfriend's house. I took it.

She's called every tow yard in the county, and has been walking all over town looking for it. I am waiting for her to finally get home, but at this point I seriously do not know what to say. "I'll tell you where the car is if you tell me where you actually were last night?"

For clarification: 1) The car is mine, not hers; 2) She's allowed to be near anywhere she wants, provided she lets me know where that is; 3) The crime was the lie, not the location; 4) Her boyfriend has made a few stupid mistakes with cars, so she's not allowed to have the car with her when staying at his house.

In the end, she was exhausted after walking around all day being extremely stressed. Asked her again where she was last night and she doubled down. I caved and told her I took the car and it was in our driveway. Several minutes of confusion on her part followed, and then the light bulb went on. It went ... okay.
- tallavery

My 3 year old sneaks "candy" from the freezer when I'm not looking. They're actually frozen peas.
- flexthrustmore

My daughter was sneaking out of her room to, "Say goodnight to you one more time, mom!"

Child please, I know you were trying to sneak your DS back to your room. Kid thinks she's so smooth.
- red_freckles

My kids don't give me back all my change.
- worldtrvler 

I blamed my older brother for drawing all over my bedroom walls. I was, and still am, an only child.

- thatonegirlfrommath

My three year old thinks I don't notice that he sneaks his favorite Hot Wheels car under his pillow before bedtime so he can play with it at night. 

- Grn_blt_primo

My kid asked me if Santa was real a few years ago. I started in with the "Depends what you mean by real" stuff and he back-pedalled immediately. I could tell he was testing the waters, and it seemed at the time, that he was afraid of what this knowledge might do to important things like, say, the present count.

In any case, he still buys the Santa thing along with other stuff. For example, he lost a tooth in Canada (we are United States-ers) and got a little clearer than he intended regarding his understanding of how the tooth fairy works. He was curious both about the relative value of teeth vis-a-vis the cusp count (how much is a molar vs a bicuspid), and -this was killing me - the exchange rate between American and Canadian dollars. When I asked him why he thought I had any particular knowledge in regards to these tooth-fairy matters, he sort of balked and backed out of the conversation

- iamkuato

I know my three year old is eating frosting in the front closet. I also know she's the one who's been drawing on the babies.

- Teaboo_mom

I remember putting the fried eggplants between the couch's pillows.

Nobody was pleased when the dog found it a few months later.

- princess420blazeit

I used to think I was getting away with bad words. When I heard a bad word, I just knew it was bad so i never repeated it near anyone. But at home I would go to my room, shut the door, and start yelling the bad words in weird voices and then I'd walk out like nothing happened. My parents always heard but they thought it was so funny they never told me.

 - ThizzlamicSex

18. When my son was in high school, he was dating this train-wreck of a girl that my husband and I hated. He would sneak out of the house late at night, go pick her up at her house, and sneak her in through his bedroom window. He didn't realize that I had figured it out when I found the kitchen chair in his room, and her footprints on the side of the house. One morning, he had decided to "leave early" for school.

I heard him banging around in the kitchen, so I go out to investigate. He's standing there all nervous, I see her run from the back of the house and hide next to his car. So I just nonchalantly said, "I guess (expletive) made it out to the car ok. Drive safely and have a good day."

- caffwintoyou

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19. My 2 year old sneaks pens off the table. This is what I discovered on the ottoman yesterday: click here.

Soap and water does the trick, every time. :)

20. My 6 year old niece thinks she can get away with sneaking a cookies and cream chocolate bar (Her favorite) into our shopping basket by holding it under a bag of sour sweet-tarts, which she says are for my brother. I usually say 'no, we have enough candy in the house' and have her put both back, or buy both.

My almost 4 year old nephew thinks I don't know that he asks to borrow my stuffed Xenomorph because it scares his sister. He tells me his T-rex is having a family reunion.
- Xeno_Prism_Power

21. Not the parent, but my sister and I would flush food we didn't want to eat down the toilet when our dad was downstairs. We were convinced we got away with it, were it not for the fact that we were loudly saying "MMMM, BEST CURRIED BEET I'VE EVER TASTED" flush

- Wazziznaime

22. If my (>2 y/o) son knows he is holding something he shouldn't and I call his name he will immediately throw it as far away (4 feet) from himself and look at me innocently. I don't know where he gets his slyness from.
- SnarkyMcSnarkyPants

23. Blaming their siblings for something bad. The first one to speak up is always the guilty party.

- BlakMakk

24. Playing Minecraft while I sleep in on weekends. They're old enough now to make their own breakfast and stay out of trouble, but playing a game on the tablet is still something they're supposed to ask to do. They do it anyway, and I don't say anything because it keeps them busy and I don't have to break up any fights.
- whenifeellikeit


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