People Break Down The Stupidest Things That Never Cease To Make Them Laugh

People Break Down The Stupidest Things That Never Cease To Make Them Laugh
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

There are some jokes that just never get old.

Even when we've become a full-blown adult and we feel a little strange giggling to ourselves about the very same things we were laughing about as a child decades ago.

Recently, a shameless group of Redditors decided it was high time they got some of these dumb hilarities off their chests.

The result was a wonderful laundry list of stupid internet videos and relatable observations.

Redditor learningTest asked:

"What's the dumbest sh** that never ceases to make you laugh?"

Many people chose to share the things in their daily lives that make them laugh. These are funny happenings in their hometowns, the cities they grew up in, or common observations.

Started Off Strong

"Handwritten posters where they didn't plan the lettering sizes properly so the beginning of the poster has HUGE letters but then you can see where they start to panic because the lettering gets smaller and closer together. Bonus points if they have to finish the last bit curving vertically down the side."

"I will have to pull over while driving when I see this sh** because it gets me laughing so hard."

-- rumpelsKILLskin

A Joke On Wheels

"There is a jacked up Jeep in my town that has a sticker on the back that says 'boobie bouncer.' Driver is about a 350lb fat guy. Cracks me up every time I see him."

-- cstewart_52

Didn't Think That One Through

"In Boston, MA, there is a train stop named Andrew. So, every time you approach it the automated announcer says, 'entering Andrew.' Smiling thinking about it now."

-- conner4real23

Others shared the funniest television commercials they know. While we often hate commercial breaks that interrupt our show, some of them hit home.

Manufactured Necessity

"everytime i watch a commercial that shows a new product that can revolutionise the way we do things"

"they always show someone doing something normal, but fu**ing it up spectacularly... like washing a car, but for some reason they are carrying everything in both arms and just trip out of no where and drop everything, like you wouldnt just put most of it in the bucket to make it easier to carry"

-- Empty-Refrigerator

It Happens To Us All

"those commercials where the guy is trying to teach people not to turn into their hits a little too close to home"

-- Disastrous_Arugula_2

A Legend Turned Performer

"The commercial where Dikembe Mutombo slaps things out of people's hands. I lose it every time!" -- cookiesoverbi***es

"I saw that commercial recently for the first time in nearly a decade just the other week. I love his jolly giant laugh. No no no!" -- Longbeacher707

And, of course, there were the online videos people grew up watching.


"That video of the bear that accidentally whips itself in the nuts."

"I can't scroll past it without replaying it over and over and laughing my a** off."

-- dead_wolf_walkin

Nothing To See Here

"The video of a cat which is caught barking and then tries to smooth it over by being cat again. I almost died the first time I saw it. But it still makes me laugh."

-- pawnstomper

Just Watch It

"Fenton" -- Hark3n

"My sister liked it so much she named her Labrador Fenton. I felt so stupid having to shout his name if I took him out for a walk." -- mothsilver

The Peak of Physical Comedy?

"Videos of someone getting hit in the head with something thrown from offscreen. I don't know why but it gets me every time."

-- Nemesisyphus

So next time you feel a little guilty or embarrassed busting a gut at the dumbest joke of all time, keep your chin up. There are plenty of others.

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