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There are some jokes that just never get old.

Even when we've become a full-blown adult and we feel a little strange giggling to ourselves about the very same things we were laughing about as a child decades ago.

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Belly laughs. We live for those moments.

We spend so much time day in and day out in the slag of our lives, that sometimes we truly forget that life should be fun and funny.

When we get so moved that we cannot stop laughing, those moments stick in our memories like no other.

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I once overheard my dad call me fat. It sucked. He wasn't being mean, he was attempting to describe me to a stranger because he had lost me in a crowd. Since I stopped growing in 4th grade, it happens a lot and for whatever reason people almost never think to just turn in a circle and look down. I'm often right there, just lower than your normal line of sight - so I've heard people describe me about a zillion times. I'm a big girl, so I've heard about 150 million totally unoriginal people attempt to use my size to insult me like it was going to be some huge revelation and I didn't wake up in the morning with all this. I had just never heard it from my father before.

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Giving thoughtful gifts is hard. You really need to know your audience and be able to read the situation. You don't want it to be awkward like the time my early-70's aged uncle gifted his wife raunchy lingerie and sky-high platform heels in front of several generations of the family. Let's just say it was a mixed reaction. The elders were humiliated, the babies didn't get it, some of the other adults found it hilarious and unnerving to imagine; and then there was my mother. My mother was moved to tears by how "beautiful" it was that he still thought his wife was sexy enough to strip for him though they were in their 70's. After she was done crying she kept trying to subtly ask whether their health insurance was up to date in case she fell or he got too excited. I love my mom.

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My man's got this friend named Chad. Chad isn't his real name, but that's what we're going with for this article. Chad is in a relationship that is ... well ... there's a reason Facebook had to come up with the "it's complicated" status. Nobody is happy, they often go out of their way to avoid one another or are forcing performative affection for the 'gram. One night, Chad decided he was going to hide from LadyChad and told her he couldn't see her because he was spending time with us. He then made up a whole elaborate story about drinking wine (which he doesn't normally do) and overdoing it because he really liked it.

Thing is, Chad never told US that he used us as a ridiculously specific cover story.

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