Students Reveal The Most Savage Thing Their Teacher Has Ever Done
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We've all had memorable teachers, but it's the ones with a healthy dose of attitude that we remember the most fondly. These teacher know they have a hard job and they don't take anything lying down, as we learned after Redditor commanderred asked the online community: "What is the most savage thing your teacher has ever done?"

"When I was in high school..."

When I was in high school a friend of mine dropped his wallet in class and found out that the money from his wallet was stolen. The kid (who we eventually realized stole it) was asking him "What happened? What are you looking for?"

My friend told him that his money was stolen, then he told the teacher. I figure most teachers would brush it off with a "nothing we can do about it" sort of thing.


Not this teacher. Mr. D was a short, kinda pudgy in a cute way sorta man. He had a voice that was not at all intimidating, in fact nothing about him was.

He stopped the class and said in a voice that he struggled to keep calm (to the best of my memory):

"Someone stole something in this class. This is what we're going to do. I'm gonna close the lights and leave the room. You are all going to sit in a circle with your backs facing each other. I will leave the room and once I return, the money better be in the center of the circle.

This is your last chance. No one will know, and no one will get in trouble. But if you don't do this, so help me God, it will be the worst mistake you'd have made. So I'll leave now, remember, this is your one shot at redemption."

The teacher left and sure enough, the money was in the center of the floor. The change was never returned (I guess it made too much noise) but the bills were. As promised no one got in trouble and we resumed the day.

That was some savage sh*t!


"Someone in my history class..."

Someone in my history class was swinging on his chair, so the teacher made him write a two page apology letter to the chair. He then had to read it out in front of the class while stroking the chair 'to make it feel better.'


"I went to art school..."


I went to art school for illustration and it was there that one of my professors uttered my favorite line.

Generally we'd have people in class that weren't wonderful, and would defend themselves in critique by saying something was a stylistic choice. My professor was classically trained all over the world and devoted his life to being a renaissance level artist. So he was good at sculpting, painting, drawing, and had a wealth of knowledge of anatomy, form and perspective.

He knew his shit and one day he just had it and screamed at one of my classmates;

"Ineptitude is not a style!"

Now it's not the most savage thing, but it cut him to the bone and remains with me to this day as the greatest thing to ever say to someone f*cking up.

"College professor..."

College professor had a strict no cell phone rule. Well his phone rang one day and without skipping a beat he picked it up, threw it against the wall, obliterating it, and went on with the lecture like nothing happened.


"During maths class..."

During math class, some kid shouted "ur mum " to the teacher for some reason. So the teacher called his mom mid-lesson and forced the kid to come to the front of the class and apologise to the teacher's mom in front of everyone. Absolute legend.


"Brought cigarettes into class..."

Brought cigarettes into class and told people to put their hand up if they wanted one, he told each person who raised their hand to go up and stand at the front. We then went outside to a setup table where a little clamp was holding a cigarette, he lit the cigarette and it just started sparking and popping loud as sh!t like a firecracker. He was trying to teach people that accepted the cigarettes that have no idea what is in the things people offer you. Cool guy, one of the most memorable teachers I had.


"He was so proud of himself."

My high school teacher had a trouble maker kid. He wrote a pass for him one day, sending him to a teacher across the school campus to get the roof access keys from him. He went, teacher didn't have them, sent him to another teacher back our way, so across the campus. So on, so on.

There was no roof access key, the teachers would send trouble maker kids (who go to the office like weekly but don't change) across campus all class long. Kid brought it up during a teacher meeting, Principal told every teacher who was in on it to stand up, most of the teachers stood up. Can't punish everyone I guess.

My physics teacher was the one who started it though. He was so proud of himself.


"The most expensive thing..."


Teacher - The most expensive thing when you have a gf are the restaurants.

Student - I don't care I bring her to McDonalds.

Teacher - Aaand that's why you're single.

"This comes with a bit of explanation."

This comes with a bit of explanation. We had a student in class who did not believe bears existed. Just thought they were like the Loch Ness monster or something. People talked about them but they couldn't be real.

Polar bears and koala bears were different though. We had those at the zoo. But they weren't "real" bears.

The student would loudly go on tirades when asked about bears. They weren't real. We were silly for thinking so.

Anyways we were sitting in science class and the teacher was sort of burnt out one day. He asks if we'd all rather have study time or watch a video. As we didn't have much to study for the class decided on watching a video.

I swear that man's face lit up as he popped in the vhs. The room was dark and we heard the familiar National Geographic sound. The episode "National Geographic presents: bears"

An hour plus long class we learned about all kinds of bears. It was a lovely moment.


"Hunt down students..."

Hunt down students around the school, burst into their classrooms (in other periods) and shout their name to follow him. They were overdue on several essays. The embarrassment and snarky comments were enough for them to get their sh*t in gear.

Also, not savage, more badass. My school has a special college program where we take college classes and have college level exams at the end of the year.

There are two levels of exams are AS and A levels, and all the other schools in the nation that teach this same program all exam them at AS level, lower than A level.

My teacher, the smartest, most badass, and enthusiastic old man i've ever met, is the ONLY teacher in the nation to have every single one of his students test and PASS at A level. He's an amazing old man.

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