The Strangest Mysteries That Remain Unsolved According To Crime Buffs
Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

It's not difficult to understand why true crime content, be it in film, television, or podcast continues to grow in popularity.

Of course, the most fascinating crime stories are those which remain unsolved.

It allows us to put on our detective hats, and evaluate the cases ourselves, hoping we might find the answers which evaded the police at the time.

Knowing full well, the answers may never arrive.

Redditor inevitableloudmouth reached out to the crime buffs of Reddit to discover the most bizarre mysteries which have yet to be solved, leading them to ask:
"What is the strangest mystery that is still unsolved?"

Atomic Cover-Up

"The lost A-bomb off the coast of America, which the US government said not to worry about in the 50's and tried to cover up."

"Was dumped in the ocean in an aviation accident and it's still lost to this day."

"100x more powerful than what was dropped in Japan."- BremCrumbs

Targeted Divorcée

"I remember seeing a video about a woman that after getting divorced started getting stalked and assaulted in her own house."

"Every time police would arrive no one more than her was at the scene, sometimes she would appear with bruises, once she appeared with a screwdriver through her hand."

"This happened so many times that police started ignoring her calls after the investigation on her husband and on the case left no suspects."

"Three months later she disappeared just to reappear next to a highway in the middle of the desert, miles away from her house, with her hands tied, dead."

"Autopsy later confirmed she was beaten to death."

"Creepiest sh*t I know."- JustCallMeAttlaz

The Oakville Blob

"The Oakville Blob."

"In 1994, there was a rainstorm in Oakville, WA."

"Only the 'raindrops' were a strange clear substance that had the consistency of Jello."

"Lots of people experienced flu-like symptoms after coming into contact with it, and peoples' dogs and cats all over the city were dying."

"When a local hospital ran a lab test on the substance after one of the patients suggested it, it was found that whatever this mysterious 'rain' was, it had human white blood cells in it."

"Some time after that, a sample was also sent to the Washington State Health Laboratory, where it was being researched by epidemiologist Mike McDowell."

"After he determined that it was man-made and speculated that it was some sort of matrix for transporting viruses/bacteria, the samples suddenly went missing from the containment facility and his supervisor told him not to ask any questions."

"There are no known samples of the stuff anywhere today, despite being sent to several different facilities by various Oakville residents."

"So yeah, I'd personally say that this was clearly some sort of bio-weapon test run, but by whom?"

"I'd like to give the US Government the benefit of the doubt here and assume it wasn't us testing something like that on our own citizens, but if it wasn't, why would it have been covered up like that?"

"And you'd think an event like this would be a lot less obscure."

"Also, even if it being a bio-weapon seems super obvious, how the heck did whoever dispersed it manage to make it rain over an entire city for several days?"- Xaldyn

A Family Thing

"An unsolved murder of an entire family in Japan which to this day remains unsolved despite DNA evidence indicating the ancestry of the killer, a sand sample left by the killer which was traced back to the California desert near Edwards AFB, and even sesame seeds in the killer's stool."- PaperbackWriter66

The Circleville Letters


"In 1976, residents of the small city south of Columbus Ohio began receiving handwritten sinister and graphic letters."

"Each letter included secret and dark details about their personal lives."

"One resident received a ton of letters, accusing her of various unsavory acts."

"The author warned the resident that he had been keeping an eye on her home, as well as her comings and goings."

"The resident was horrified and tried to keep the letters a secret until her husband began receiving them."

"The attacks on the family continued, with large posters appearing around town spreading rumors about their 12 year old child."

"One day in 1977, the husband left the house after receiving a call from who he thought was writing the letters."

"A few minutes later, the husband was found dead at the end of the street dead behind the wheel."

"The sheriff had ruled it a homicide when he realized that a single shot had been fired before the accident, but there was no evidence that the husband was shot at the site."

"The sheriff found the husband was twice the legal limit and ruled it a drunk driving accident."

"The letters began once again, this time accusing the sheriff of covering up the true nature of the death."

"The letters also accused the sheriff of mishandling an investigation into the county coroner who had been accused of other grotesque acts."

"The harassment continued, this time with signs along the road and in 1983, the original resident who had been accused of having an affair pulled over to remove a sign."

"During the effort to remove the sign, she discovered a box was attached and inside of it was a small pistol."

"The gun was part of a booby trap designed to fire when the sign was removed."

"Paul Freshour was arrested and given 25 years, but one small problem."

"The letter writing continued even after Freshour was put in jail."

"In a new batch of letters, the author had promised to dig up the grave of a deceased baby and mail the bones to the police in the case of another potential affair turned murder."

"Hundreds of residents continued to receive personal letters until 1994 when everything stopped."- GeneralMadAnthony

Running Man

"This dude got lost in the catacombs, and they found camera footage of his journey, but at some point he drops the camera and just starts to run."

"As far as I know, nobody has found out wtf happened to him."- Cookyloco6

The world may never know the fate of these poor souls, and those responsible might never be brought to justice.

However, cold comfort though it may be for the families of those involved, there will always be people searching for answers.

As the saying goes, the truth is, indeed, out there.