People Divulge The Weirdest Thing Someone's Ever Told Them In Confidence
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People have a way of surprising us.

Even those we think we know like the back of our hands might end up revealing something about themselves which we would not expect.

Such as a hidden passion, an unexpected talent, or an element of their past which they'd been making an effort to keep under wraps.

This information more often than not slips out unintentionally, likely after a few too many drinks.

Other times however, we find these friends, acquaintances or colleagues we barely know confide this information with us in the strictest of confidence.

Even if we truly wished they hadn't.

Redditor Stupid_cerealbox was curious to hear the most bizarre and unexpected things people found friends and others confess to them, leading them to ask:

"What is the weirdest thing someone has told you in confidence?"

An Honest Mistake...

"I was talking about my hobbies with a colleague and I asked what are you into?"

"And he goes kind of quiet and shy for a second, looked a bit perplexed and then opened up after checking behind him 'ohh, uhh, I like older women who are 'in charge' like, dominatrix but not as harsh, like, I like being told what to do'."

"Took me by surprise that."

"I didn't want to make fun of him for misunderstanding me or what he's into, but all I could do was call him a jam doughnut and asked him about his safe for work interests."- NickyRD

Love At It's Truest Form...

"I had a neighbor, old man, in his 80s, confess that he hated apple pie, but he ate his wife's apple pie with a smile on his face every time she made it because 'she's so proud of it and it was her grandma's recipe'."- Faustus_Fan

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Renting By The Hour...

"My married friend has three kids."

"He's exhausted."

"While taking the train to work, a woman he always sees struck up a conversation with him, said she knows him as 'the tired guy' because he always passes out on the train."

"He explained why, so she reveals she is a hotel manager and can get him a room for free."

"He took her up on the offer."

"Which sounds like an affair, right?"


"My friend actually has an ongoing deal with this lady where she lets him crash in a hotel room if it's open."

"He tells his wife that he is visiting family, but all he does is sleep in a room, away from his wife and kids."

"At my urging, he admitted the truth to his wife because keeping that a secret will just lead her to assume he's unfaithful."

"When he told her the truth, she replied 'I believe you'."

"'You'd never cheat on me'."

"'You have no game'."- StoolToad9

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Always Watch Your Back...

"I was on a night out and ran into a good friend who I hadn't seen for a few weeks."

"While we were catching up he told me that he'd stopped using his phone because he thought someone had bugged it to steal his identity."

"When I asked why someone would do that he told me, quite cheerfully, that it was probably something to do with the people that had been following him for the last week or so."

"He hadn't seen them out tonight, but he was sure they were around somewhere, they were very good at popping in and out of sight."

"Then he left, saying he had a train to catch and told me to take care and keep my eyes open."

"I reported this whole conversation to his brother, who I also knew quite well."

"Found out a few days later he'd been in the middle of a manic episode where he'd only been sleeping like 2 hours a night, and he'd eventually had to be sectioned for his own safety."- AlansDiscount

One Only Hopes He Wasn't Telling The Truth...

"I had a man early in my career that I worked with off and on at another company show up unannounced and ask for a 1:1 meeting."

"Man promptly told me he thought I was one of the few people he could trust while dabbing at blood on his face where it looked like he had been punched."

"Followed with he was looking for help because his yet to be unborn baby was marked for sacrifice by satanic elements and his wife was going to go along with it on Valentine’s Day in Bixby Oklahoma."

"About that time the receptionist walked in with coffee for both of us, which was totally not a thing at this company."

"No one ever gave a f$&k) and slipped me a note to excuse myself because the police were waiting outside."

"He had assaulted someone to get away to make it to our office and was in a police chase."

"Brave brave girl for coming in and pulling me out."

"We talked another very long 5-7 minutes and I told him the coffee upset my stomach."

"Feel like he was having a psychotic break of some sort but also Bixby has had some really weird sh*t going on and many years later I read a book written for teens about witches and satanic stuff called Jinx High which was about the town of Jenks that abutted Bixby and sometimes I wonder if I let Perry down."- icancheckyourhead

He Might Want To Consider Putting 2 and 2 Together...

"I'm not too much into pleasuring women'."

"I'm like a marine: I get in, do my duty, and get out'."'

"That's how it's done!'"

"Then later in the same conversation, 'You know, come to think of it, I've never dumped someone, I've always been dumped'."

"Honestly, as a man, other men tell me things they would never say in front of women, and every time it's like theater for me."

"Get me some popcorn, tell me everything let's go."- kittenklyn

Some people are just natural sharers.

While others are the type of person that just about everyone trusts, and everyone wants to be friends with.

And thus, are often on the receiving end of way too much information...