People Divulge Which Species They Wish Would Go Extinct
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Mosquitos. That's it. End of article. Wrap it up, folks - mosquitos totally deserve it.

... or do they?

We all love these god-complex style articles where we imagine what would happen if we were in charge.

So let's talk about the species we'd get all fire and brimstone on, shall we?

Reddit user Redspeakable asked:

"If you could make 1 species go extinct, what would it be and why?"

You already know my vote, and Reddit agrees with me. We'll get there, but let's start with this grossness.


tick GIF Giphy

"I'll go for the road less traveled, ticks. Maybe then I could enjoy a stroll through tall grass in the summer."

- none-to-nothing

"Not trying to gross anyone out, but I feel like some people really underestimate ticks."

"You seriously need to inspect every part of your body after going through woods or brush."

"My girlfriend and I live in a very rural area. We love going into the woods. We've literally taken five minute strolls through some brush and then go home to find them on us."

"One time I stopped to pee outside the truck for about thirty seconds. That was all it took to later find one behind/underneath my genitals."

"We've found them everywhere from armpits to feet to hips to head to behind ears. It's insane how sneaky they are. They're also incredibly dangerous."

- __________lIllIl

"Ticks (as nasty as they are) are actually quite important to the ecosystem. Lots of species rely on it as food, like reptiles, amphibians and birds. Even some other bigger animals eat them."

- modsherearebattyboys

"Those animals need to step up their nom nom game then."

- none-to-nothing

Like A Phoenix

"Bed Bugs, because f*ck bed bugs."

- Successful-Typer

"For those that have had a bed bug infestation they will fully understand why this should be top of the list."

"For those who haven’t ever experienced them, my advice to you is just torch all your stuff and start again like a phoenix."

- BewareOfLuggage

"They really are awful."

"I had them in an apt once and turns out I'm severely allergic to them, their bites would swell up into giant welts and leave dark spots on my took years after that for the dark spots to fade."

"I wouldn't wish bed bugs on anyone. Thankfully I escaped those f**kers years ago but i still get paranoid when my skin gets itchy."

- Mosingbel

Cause Eww

"Tapeworms. Cuz Ewwww."

- macaronsforeveryone

"Underrated comment right here."

- Lauxux

The Deadliest

"Mosquitoes. Deadliest animal on earth."

"Wipe them out."

- Hyperion1144

"I would argue humans are the deadliest? But you may be correct."

- Law_Character

"That is actually a horrible idea because Mosquitoes are one of the backbones of the ecosystem. Spiders eat them, and many almost all reptiles eat spiders. If mosquitoes were to be wiped out, it would topple the entire food chain."

- ComfortableOver8985

"A small price to pay!"

- SecretMinerPro

The Parasite

mosquito GIF Giphy

"The Malaria parasite."

"Mosquitoes going extinct could potentially cause ecological problems but Malaria itself? That would be a safe and simple eradication with nothing but upsides."

- Fallacy_Spotted

"Came here to say this, and you beat me to it."

"For those of you in the comments, malaria is NOT a virus or bacteria, but a eukaryotic parasite. It's a species and could go extinct."

- LiberalAspergers

"There are thousands of species of mosquito, so eliminating one wouldn't get you very far. This is a great idea."

- Cacafuego

"You want to eliminate mosquitoes to save lives. I want to eliminate mosquitoes because I hate itchy little bites. We are not the same."

- WarOfTheFanboys

As Much Destruction As Possible

"I want to cause as much chaos and widespread destruction as possible, so my answer is phytoplankton."

- Architect17

"The domino effect that would have😳"

- call_me_melancholy

"Way to kill 99% of all life on earth"

- atlastitangaming

"And here's me thinking 'dogs' would be sufficient to cause worldwide calamity, purely from a human psychological aspect. But YOU! You're out to kill the ENTIRE damned planet though."

"I applaud you. 'Some men just want to watch the world burn.' "

- maester_t

"Plot twist: the world won't burn without the oxygen phytoplankton produce!"

- NotQuiteAsCool

The One To Survive

"Cockroaches. I literally get goosebumps at the thought of them. I'm very passionate about this."

And how do they not die? You hit them, spray they, THEY STILL MOVE!!!!!"

"They fly. why do they fly?"

"They also don't serve a very significant purpose in our world. They are nobody's primary source of nutrition so basically if you wipe all of them out, nothing would happen."

- deforestationing

"Cockroaches. But they are gonna be the one species to SURVIVE the nuclear apocalypse."

- MajesticWeasel

"I doubt even the almighty could wipe out cockroaches at this point."

- Merevel

"Pretty sure they would just come back to existence after the almighty cleansing."

- sharpie-sapien365247

Tongue Eaters

"Cymothoa exigua - the tongue-eating louse."

"It's a f*cking disgusting species. I googled it once when someone mentioned it and I regretted it ever since."

"It doesn't help that I had major plastic surgery on my tongue and it resembles it a bit so... bllaarrrghhhh."

"To be fair, it pretty much only attacks fish and we got fingers and arms. Fish are kinda f*cked when it comes to picking stuff out of their mouths."

- Bullorg74

With A Dirty Spoon

scared news anchor GIF by Mashable Giphy

"Wasps, they’re just a**holes!"

- ThatMeasurement3411

"One of those red wasps stung me right in the back of my knee. It must have hit a blood vessel or something because I seriously can't imagine a worse pain throughout my whole leg if somebody had ripped all of the bones out of my leg one at a time with a dirty spoon."

- ecdmuppet

"I had to scroll too far to find this! F*ck wasps."

"They are legitimately a food source for some animals sadly. But wasps are inherently a**holes and if I never see one again it’ll be too soon."

"Plus I’m allergic to them and they make me afraid of anything yellow and buzzy, including our good good bee friends."

- ecdmuppet

The Human Problem

"All of these edgy 14 year olds commenting 'humans' thinking it is so deep lmao"

- Count_of_Borsod

"31-yo anthropology enthusiast. Although humans have quite an impressive path, they had a great opportunity to develop into a wonderful specie. Instead, they developed a society to the expense of every other species on Earth."

"We have destroyed ecosystems, entire species, lands, other humans, etc. We are still doing so, and destroying Earth."

"So yeah. Humans going extinct would be a great gift for the billions of species that don't need us around, and for the other types of species many forget about : plants."

"It really isn't about edginess, and if you think that, you're very most likely part of the problem (starting with unconscious taken-for-granted use and waste of precious resources)"

- Cave_Woman_

"I’m a 41 year old biologist and I agree that we should be the species to go. It would be of the greatest benefit to the planet."

- stormbutton

"I'm 37 and most definitely not an edgelord lol. The human race is singlehandedly responsible for all the misery and destruction on this planet."

- Competitive-Age-7469

"35+ IT guy here."

"There's no net good that humans do to the planet. There's too much net bad that we do. Humans is a seriously good answer."

- misconfigbackspace

Do you have anything to add that's not on this list?

Want to come rushing to the defense of any of these horribly misunderstood species?

Either way, see you in the comments!

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