People Explain Which Small Gestures Impacted Them The Most
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Any small act of kindess can save the world.

And we need them now more than ever.

Redditor No-Fig-8614 wanted to share about what minor actions have great power. They asked:

"What small gestures impact your life the most?"

Everytime I've cried in public, people have lent a hand. Made me smile and move forward.


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"Friends who honestly recognize your hard work achievements."



"When someone remembers little details about me."


"Bro this guy was in the same kindergarten class as me. We were friendly but as we grew up we kinda drifted. Like middle and high school I don't even remember talking to this guy. He sorta became popular and I was just vibing in middle class territory."

"One time we sat at the same table in a class in 8th grade and again in 12th. And each time he would bring up some super random memory of us from kindergarten that even I don't remember. and when I tell you that sh*t would have the biggest impact on me. Like we were still always friendly and would smile in the halls, but even typing this now makes me smile. Never expected him to remember such random little things."



"When strangers are kind to me for no reason it gives me hope for humanity."


"When I lived in a new city as a broke masters student, I would pick the cashiers that I knew would chitchat with me just to get some human interaction. Not easy in England it turns out. Now I’m on the other side of this situation and I try to read when someone might need that kind of interaction."


Praise You!

"When people openly praise me/others or they are comfortable communicating their positive feelings. There are a few notable people in my life who are like this and every time i'm around them I either blush or get a loss for words for how much their words/actions matter."

"I think it's because I'm used to criticism or not really being noticed and when they say kind words or are considerate my brain melts. I notice people like this usually have a quiet pulse or sense of others confidence levels/ anxiety levels and they are naturally nurturing or comfortable with building others up."



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"Hearing from others that positive things have been said about me when I wasn’t around. Makes me feel like they’re really genuine."


I love all of those. It would make me feel warm and fuzzy.

You Too

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"Friends who say I love you back."


Even if it's small...

"Being polite and using basic manners."


"As a teenage retail worker, it's sooo nice when people say can I pay for this please. Or just something nice. Or treat me like a normal human being and have an actual conversation with me. Even if it's small. It helps me get through the day and deal with the crappy customers that act like I'm they're slave."


Look Up

"Making eye contact with someone and realizing you both have the same reaction to whatever the hell is happening in front of you."


"This is awesome. It's like a universal language when something crazy is happening and you catch the eye of the person next to you and she widens her eyes slightly. It's like I'm not alone in my head."



"My social skills are practically nonexistent thus holding a conversation with someone is impossible. I stutter and my accent comes out. I just started working a week ago and have had to introduce myself to the staff. Afterwards, people came up to me to start a conversation yet left after they realized I wasn’t really speaking."

"I understand why, but I still feel guilty and sad as I don’t want to be alone. Therefore, it is a blessing when someone still keeps trying. I swear I slowly start opening up, I just need time. Most people aren’t willing to spend that time though."


Join Us

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"Being included."


"This 100%, being included makes all the difference. Even if you don't know the friend group, just being asked makes a massive difference."


So Pretty

"When my neighbor called me handsome. Too bad her grand daughter doesn’t agree."


"Oh man, same thing like that happened to me. In a restaurant, the waitress said I was handsome and walked away. Another waitress went up to her and said, You think he is handsome? Oh well each her own."


Be Calm

"I didn't have my wallet at the gas station and started to panic and the guy said no problem, you are good."



"Letting in cars in traffic and getting a wave of acknowledgement and thanks."


"Getting a wave back after you wave is always my favorite. I kinda lightly scorn the people who don't wave back. Only slightly because we are driving death machines."



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"When random old ladies call me cutesie names like 'hun' or 'sweetie.' It's like getting a grandma love booster shot from a stranger."


"I can play this card now and it works as well both ways. I try to be as patient, kind and encouraging as I can. It's good to hear it's appreciated."



"Friends who hold different beliefs and opinions who stick by you despite the differences. Everyone needs to have friends around them who will challenge their beliefs."


"Honestly this is so rare these days, I remember in my high school days there was this one kid who listened to dead mouse, and he was a respectable guy, so everyone respected him for being different."


So Happy

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"As a male, getting compliments from the opposite sex. It’s just a really good feeling and can make a guy happy for along time. We receive so few that each one feels special. And this actually goes for relationships too. My last gf never really complimented me and it kind of bothered me. But when she did they meant a lot because they actually seemed more genuine."


all by kids...

"Little kids being friendly to me at work. I’m a host at a pretty busy chain restaurant and have been hugged randomly by kids, been told i’m pretty, had my hair complimented, my makeup and jewelry complimented, my boots. all by kids. it just flatters me so much, especially knowing that most small children just say what they’re thinking in all honesty. Makes work a little more bearable."



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"People who notice. For instance: The driver in front who pulls forward and a bit over so I can make a right turn at the red light. People who pick up trash. People who compliment you. You all just makes the world a bit nicer."


Defending Me

"People defending me when I'm fat shamed. It seems like a little thing, but it means a lot. The suckiest bit about starting at 375 is that it'll take me two years to safely lose what I need to and with that said, people don't see progress and often doubt me, especially if I take a step backwards. So when people defend me, it makes me feel so much better about what I'm doing."


It takes so little to make others feel good. Just do it.