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People Explain Which Small Gestures Impacted Them The Most
Photo by Jem Sahagun on Unsplash

Any small act of kindess can save the world.

And we need them now more than ever.

Redditor No-Fig-8614 wanted to share about what minor actions have great power. They asked:

"What small gestures impact your life the most?"
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It only takes a smile, a hand or a small gesture to change the course of someone's life. Not just their day... THEIR LIFE! In this time of sadness and division we should do all we can to better the world around us. Good people exist; most of us are good people. Let's prove it.

Redditor u/aidanbradley wanted everyone to discuss the the greatest life impacts they had by asking... Reddit, what was a simple gesture from a stranger or acquaintance that made all the difference?

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