There has got to be a way to save the world.

We are on a collision course to destruction, y'all.

But we can change that. We can fix this mess.

If we really want to.

When you break it down, the answers are staring us in the face.

Let's start with denouncing greed.

Greed is bad.

Spread the wealth and continue...

Redditor P4intsplatter wanted everyone to listen up and start being smarter, because it's actually easy. They asked:

"What simple rule would fix the world, if everyone actually followed it?"

Stop being stupid would be my first guest. There is a lot of stupid. And don't smack people. (Cough Cough)


surprised keanu reeves GIF Giphy

"Be excellent to each other."


"…and party on, dudes!!!"



"I read somewhere that if you want to change the world, you have to change the community, to change the community change your relationships, and to change your relationships change yourself."


"And this saying is why I believe in the necessity of shame, accountability and consequences. Without those, one can't even change themselves. In fact, the worst of them goes unpruned and unchecked. That makes them worse, which makes their relationships worse, which makes the community worse."


Elsa Says...

“'Let go or be dragged' and old zen proverb I heard at a meditation class. Really changed the way I let myself worry about things."


"When you can't let go of an issue - whether that's being upset over an injustice, or obsessed over a possibility- if you don't 'let go' then it may take over your life and prevent you from being happy."


Save the World

"Don't leave plastic laying around."


"Or just stop using so much of it in the first place."


"There is no simple rule in existence that could change the world. Multiple that can make it vastly better though."



“Forget it, Dude. Let's go bowling.”


"Great to be the owner of bowling places then."


Bowling. Bowling always helps. Bowling and karaoke. Try it...

Dirty $$$

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"Keeping money out of politics."


"If we taught critical thinking skills in school, money in politics wouldn't be nearly as effective."


Good Behavior

"Treats others how you want to be treated."


"Doesn't work: Some people WANT to be treated like crap (masochism). Others are incapable of treating everyone like the king or queen they think they are."


"This one is bad. Treat others how you think they want to be treated would be an improvement, although it relies on you being pretty good with empathy and stuff."


Upset with someone?

"Any clear communication. People cant read minds so one must use communication. Upset with someone? Talk to them about it, come up with a way to resolve the issue. Pulling away from people cause of a tough time in life, let them know you're going through stuff."

"Try to minimize the potential for a loss in translation so that all sides are understanding each other as much as possible. If theres a roadblock in communication, take a step back and think about how you're viewing it vs them and how you can better understand each others sides."


Turn Correctly!

"Use your turn signal(s) properly."


"I live in northern Wyoming and it's the same way here. There's about a 50% chance that a person will use their turn signal, almost everybody is driving a massive vehicle, tailgating is the norm now, nobody knows what a safe following distance is anymore, stop lights and stop signs are viewed as suggestions, and the cops don't do anything about it. Driving used to be fun but now it feels more like you're playing with your life every time you go out."


Be a Light

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"Be generous and humble. Being generous and kind encourages us to perceive others in a more positive light and fosters a sense of community. Humility teaches you to improve and make a positive impact on the world."


Not Renewable

"Don't use more resources than what the earth is capable of renewing."


"Yea it's like the debate on fur coats vs those made from polyester, fur coats when properly sourced are much more sustainable."

"With furs, we run the risk of over killing animals and harming ecosystems. That being said, they are biodegradable and if properly maintained, can last much longer. Polyester made clothing however, emits a lot of pollution during its production and takes much longer/doesn't biodegrade nearly as well."


"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


"Better hope you never run into a masochist."


Hush Up

"If you are not educated on the subject, sit down and stfu. Let the experts with years of education and experience talk."


"The problem here is that there are topics where the real experts aren't scientists but the people who experience it. These often are overlooked."


Hey Neighbor

"TOLERANCE! and the good neighbor policy you stay on your side of the fence and don't bother me and I'll do the same. Got it."


"Deep thinking"

"Be kind to each other. Period."


"Deep thinking."

"These are not questions that can be answered easily or quickly. (Except that one for the addict because that usually leads to.... death.)"

"If everyone was kind to each other, there would be no murders, no starvation, no wars. Can you improve on that? Children would not be abused, women would not be raped. Just think about it."

Let me Live

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"Mind your own business/live and let live."


"The problem with that is the decisions you make effect others in society in some cases. Should I be able to drive whatever speed I want and not stop at stop lights even though I might kill some innocent bystander along the way?"


reducing the discrepancy...

"You can only earn within 1 std deviation of the average income, level out income. This just came into my head, so not sure if it would work... maybe 2 std deviations. But reducing the discrepancy between the rich and poor would do a lot."


"Hate it. As it stands in the realm of human attraction if you're a 5'3" ugly guy you're about 1,000 std devs below average. However you can work your arse off and be competent and successful and make some of that up by also being many std devs above average financial success."

"Even if you do that, you're not as well off as someone born tall and good looking: it's still the consolation prize because unlike them you had to work for it, and you'll know anyone in a relationship with you is there grudgingly and would really like someone else more. Who the hell are you to take that small grain of hope of some kind of decent life away?"


Stay Calm

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"Simple, the non-aggression principle. You don't do, initiate or threat any harm unto others, unless acting in true self defense."


Energy Save

"The lights should be off but the others are actually on as a result of energy protection. You wouldn’t want the surge of industrial power on and off like that. It’s actually more efficient to leave them on as most models now require less energy to keep consistent temperatures than to surge and cover a wider range of returning to the desired temperature. The lights thing does need to go. Light pollution is problematic."


What have we learned? Be better, it's really that simple.

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