People Break Down Simple Lessons That Everyone Should Know

Here are a few shortcuts that will save your life: CTRL + C, CTRL + X, and CTRL + V. If you're on a Mac, that's Command + C, Command + X, and Command + V.

All I've given you are the steps to copy, cut, and paste. Do you know how much time you'll save now? And do you know how many people I've met over the years who don't know about these and still think that they have to right-click? You're welcome.

There are all sorts of little tips, tricks, and lessons that will help you get through life much easier, as we were so keenly reminded by Redditor louseweasley, who asked the online community,

"What is a simple thing everyone should know?"

"That you'd not be so worried..."

"That you'd not be so worried about what other people think of you if you'd realize how little time other people spend thinking about you."


This is certainly true! It makes your life so much easier––and you can stop fretting!

"Going to therapy..."

"Going to therapy is more like getting a gym membership than taking a car to a mechanic. You get out the work you put in."


An excellent analogy. The more you make use of those muscles, the better off you'll be.

"If you paid..."

"If you paid hard-earned money to sit in a dark room and watch a movie with a number of other people that did the same, be an example and shut the f**k up."


"Offering solutions..."

"If someone's answer is "no" followed by an excuse, especially one containing a problem, the answer is no and the excuse is an attempt to spare your feelings. Offering solutions to the problem or minimizing it is not going to score you any points."


"You aren't entitled..."

"Respect is a mutual thing. A give and receive thing. You aren't entitled to receive it from anyone if you're not giving it in return."


That is correct. This was especially hard for me to accept when I was younger and dealing with adults who insisted that they should receive respect by default. They were wrong, of course.

"It's okay..."

"It's okay to cut toxic people out of your life, even if they're family."


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"One single word..."

"Choose your words carefully. Whether it's during a fight with a SO or family member, a job interview or just something basic like asking somebody out. One single word could make all the difference in the world."


"When you're at a party..."

"When you're at a party (this is assuming you have friends and are sociable) and you spill red wine or whatever other beverage on the carpet, do not fret. Quickly grab a glass of warm water and a towel. Pour the water directly on the spill. Next, place the towel onto the spill, DO NOT RUB THE STAIN IN!!! Simply step on the towel and walk back and forth for about 10-15 seconds. The towel will soak up the water and the spilled beverage and there will be virtually no stain left behind."


Now if only I had known this the last time I was at an event and spilled some wine! (I'm a known klutz.)

"If you have an argument..."

"If you have an argument with your significant other, be sure to attack the problem, not each other."


"If you don't have an extinguisher..."

"Never try to put out a grease fire with water. Grease floats on water: that just spreads the fire.

A fire extinguisher is good. If you don't have an extinguisher then throw baking soda on the grease fire. Baking soda is inexpensive and has a lot of other uses (baking, cleaning). It's always worthwhile to have a box of baking soda."


Do you feel like a more functional adult now? Good! Well, get ready: You'll learn more and more endless tricks of the trade to make your life easier the longer you stick around. It never ends and you know what? That's a great thing.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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