People Share Signs Of Extremely Low Intelligence

There are obvious signs of high intelligence.

People who can do the NY Times crossword in ink.

People who cure things.

People who know not to re-date a serial philanderer.

Those are signs of brain power.

But the lower end people, i.e, most of us, tend to be most subtle in the flag waving.

A lot of lower IQ folks are good at hiding the lack of intelligence.

It's a gift.

That's how you get a job in politics.

RedditorRecipeNew7219wanted to discuss the red flags to look out for when dealing with people who have "less than stellar" IQ scores. They asked:

"What’s a sign of extremely low intelligence?"

I'm afraid to start reading this. I may end up with more self loathing than I already have.

Hands Up

love and hip hop ugh GIF by VH1Giphy

"Having your hand be bigger than your face."


"I just put my hand up to face to check lol."



"Equalling contrarianism with intelligence."


"Also, equalling contrarianism with critical reasoning and skepticism."


"A lot of people confuse rhetorical questioning and skepticism with critical thinking. Doubting information you don’t like is just the default and framing your doubts as questions is disingenuous."



"My boyfriend was telling me about his new coworker today, who decided the best way to get acquainted with him was to tell him 'I have an IQ of 115' and then later 'only when someone is more intelligent than me in an opposing idea, I'll yield.'"

"So basically, if he doesn't like what you're saying, and you can't prove your IQ is higher than his, he can just ignore what you're saying. So intelligent."


Knowledge is NOT power...

"Making strong opinions on topics you don't understand."


"Worse when they don't want to admit that they don't know much about it. There are people who admit they are not the most knowledgeable about a topic but will still give their thought."

User Deleted

"I’m a lawyer. The same thing happens to me. Great example is the Johnny Depp trial."

"I’ll give my understanding of the law as well as the logistics of the way trial witness testimony works and people basically respond by saying she’s a liar and you shouldn’t support her. I was just explaining how trials work. I think many people watch movies about trials and they don’t realize that in real life they are pretty messy. There are always errors on both sides. Those attorneys are up all hours of the night prepping."



I Dont Want To Changed My Mind GIF by NETFLIXGiphy

"Inability to take new information onboard and change your position on subjects."


These are the people that haunt my dreams.


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"Difficulty understanding analogies. Using anecdotes in an argument as if they prove something."


Shut Up!

"Talking louder/over someone to win an argument."


"God this drives me nuts. I've worked with one woman for years and this is her M.O., all while espousing crap about nothing. She retires in 17 days and I cannot wait."


"Or talking faster to win an argument."



"Parroting the talking points without being able to discuss them, even in their most basic terms. That indicates that they have no knowledge, and no curiosity about the world."


"This. Especially in politics, funny names and sayings might be ok on a sign in a protest or on a bumper sticker, but if you're using those in an actual argument I immediately assume you can't think for yourself."


Cult like...

"People incapable of independent thinking and being unable to solve small problems by themselves."


"My mother was 'book smart' and could learn just about anything that was in a book. But she couldn't logic her way out of a wet paper bag. She'd need a pamphlet with written instructions. Fell for every kooky scam product, MLMs, infomercials, weird diets, and even a cult. Tell her two truths and a lie, she'd believe all three without question."


Not so wise...

Antoine Dodson Reaction GIFGiphy

"If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know."


"A fool thinks himself wise. A wise man knows himself to be a fool."


Let's be honest. How many times did you see you on this list?

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