People Share The One Thing Everyone Should Definitely Do Before They Turn 30

When you're young, it's easy to think you've got plenty of time to responsibly live your life and learn essential life skills. This is especially true in your 20s.

In your 20s, you're just out of school, working on advancing yourself career-wise, and you want to just enjoy your youth. While there's nothing wrong with that -- you should enjoy your youth -- you have to start some life planning as well.

By the time you get to 30, you'll realize you're too late to the party on things like getting your degree, living a financially healthy life, and, according to Redditors, dental care. Use your 20s to have fun, but make sure you also take advantage of being young. Sometimes, your youth is the exact right time to start good habits.

This is probably the philosophy behind Redditor give_me_wings101 question:

"What’s that one thing people in their 20s should definitely do before turning 30?"

Dental Care


"Always. Rule number one of all time. Please please PLEASE take care of your teeth."

"I don’t care how old you are/will be etc."

– Leading_Funny5802

Time to Quit

"If you smoke cigarettes - quit. It's all sh*ts-n-giggles when you're in your 20s, but it'll catch up to you way quicker than you think. If you quit now your body still has time to heal much of the damage that has been done to it."

– YouWillGiveMeTP

Do It While You're Young

"This, though I was going to say "lose weight.""

"The change in your metabolism from the 20's to the 30's makes it much, much harder to do."

– FearGunner

People Go and Come

"Realize that your friend group from your early 20s will most likely look completely different by your later 20s and into your 30s and that's ok."

– forman98

Expect The Plan To Go Wrong

"Life plans don't really work for 90% of people. Especially nowadays. Basically we're all stumbling along trying to figure sh*t out as we go."

"I'm a cook/restaurant manager now. Studied economics and politics at uni. Lol. Pretty happy though. Life is strange."

– No_Belt3011

In A Rich Man's World

"Become financially literate"

– Historical-Major1832

Educate Yourself

"Go back to school if you are wondering if you should.. I went back at 28, graduated at 33, as a 40 year old I am patting my 28 year old self on the back."

– tangoshukudai

Protect Yourself

"Wear sunscreen! Wrinkles suck and melanomas kill."

– LunaGloria

Keep On Moving


"My doctor told me most people don’t fix their bodies in their 30s and then it becomes unfixable when they get to their 40s and on."

– ImGoingToSayOneThing

30 Years Young

"Stop yourself from saying you are "so old" now."

"And continue to hit pause on that thought in your 30s. Consider that you're simply grown instead. You've still got plenty of time to actually get old, no need to rush it. You can put that off longer than you think."

– dark_blue_7

That last one is some great advice. Yes, you should use your 20s to start your life planning, but never count yourself out because you think you're too "old" either.

Every age has it's pitfalls and perks. You've just got to figure out what they are so you can reap the benefits and avoid the drawbacks.

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