Being able to survive should be a life skill taught in school.

There are big and mostly small ways to save a life, including one's own.

Danger and peril are lurking around every corner.

So best be prepared.

That's why I love talk show episodes that highlight random near death experiences and discuss the way people made it out alive.

Redditor drjallz wanted everyone to listen up. They asked:

"Whats a life-saving tip everyone should know?"

I have no idea how to save anything. So I'm listening.


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"Learn how to stay calm, breathe and assess situations. This will help in so many future surprise situations. Be aware of your surroundings, exits, bathrooms and where medical/fire kits, where land-line phones are if they are around."


You never know

"You should have a fire extinguisher in your home. You won’t need it until you really really do. 25 years ago my dad saved our house from burning down (and maybe our lives) because we had a fire extinguisher and when I moved out on my own he insisted that I get one which I’ve hauled around for years thinking I’d probably never need it."

"Last weekend an electrical fire started in my building and I was the only one with an extinguisher. The fire department got there quickly so I probably didn’t save any lives, but I was able to keep it under control until they arrived. Buy one, know exactly where it is, and cut the safety tag off of it now so you don’t have to find something to cut it with in an emergency. You never know."

Bad Leaks

"Buy a carbon monoxide detector."


"Yep. A friend previously rented rehearsal space in a building. One day, he and several of his band mates are all nauseous. They decide to get fresh air."

"My friend starts to have a seizure. They realize the urgency of the situation and make haste out of the building and call the police. It was a CO leak. The property manager had no CO detectors up. Tragically, there were two dead people in the rehearsal space next door to my friend's. The CO took them while they were napping."


I',m Going Down

"When caught in a stampede:"

"As soon as you get knocked down your chances decrease significantly. If this is the case, however, and you can’t get up immediately, assume a protective posture with your feet tucked up and your hands covering your head. Try to position your face in the direction the crowd is moving so you don’t get kicked and try to get back on your feet ASAP."


Blood Flow

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"Pressure on the wound is more important than covering it. Ice can also stem blood flow."


All great information. And A LOT I didn't know.


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"If a service dog comes up to you, follow them. Service dogs will only leave their owners as a last ditch effort for help."


basic life 101

"Wear your seatbelt."


"My karate instructor was killed in a car accident. He was in the middle rear seat trying to untangle the seat belt whilst the driver decided to drive. The driver was under the influence (Drugs/Alcohol) and ended up in a high speed way crash making my karate instructor forced out of the front windscreen. Absolutely terrible and horrible way to die. I was really young so I didn't know too much but it affected my sibling."



"If someone is choking, but they are coughing/talking, DO NOT INTERVENE. Let them cough it out. The ability to cough is a sign that air is able to get in and out and that they only have a partial obstruction in their airway. If you try to intervene with the Heimlich or back blows, you could force it out, or you could dislodge the blockage and cause a full obstruction."

"Obviously, if they’re not breathing or coughing then you should definitely administer back blows, just remember to check in between each one in case you partially dislodge the object."


No Stars

"If you’re ever feeling lightheaded and seeing stars, and just a general feeling of thinking you’re going to pass out. Lay on your back and put your legs in the air and take deep breaths in and out. The blood from your brain rushed down to your feet and doing this will rush it back to your head."



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"If you are alone and start choking, you can use the back of a chair or sofa to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself. Source: had to do it to myself when I was about 15."


Did you take notes? Be prepared!

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