Seth Meyers Had A Good Laugh After Noticing His Family Christmas Photo Had A Glaring Error

Seth Meyers Had A Good Laugh After Noticing His Family Christmas Photo Had A Glaring Error
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Christmas cards and family Christmas photos are a long-standing tradition, where we share well wishes with our loved ones alongside very festive photos of our faces.

Seth Meyers noticed something VERY off about his family's Christmas card this year.

The SNL alum and talk show host had a huge laugh at his own expense.

The card read "Happy Holidays! Love Ellen, Tom & Peanut."

None of those people are people in Seth Meyers' family.

When he shared the card on Instagram, Meyers wrote:

"Happy Holidays to Tom, Ellen and Peanut whose names were accidentally printed on the bottom of the Meyers family card."
"I'll admit that if it was just Tom and Ellen it would have been rage inducing but the inclusion of Peanut makes it hilarious."
"Is Peanut a pet? Probably. But maybe they are a small child or a live-in grandparent."
"The whole thing is a reminder that the true meaning of Christmas is things will go wrong and the best you can do is roll with it (we cut off the bottoms!). Also, if Tom and Ellen received the bottoms of OUR card just know that Frisbee is my wife's cousin and he is a DJ."

Most people were quick to speculate on the identity of Peanut:






The guesses ranged from adorable corgi...

Giphy random post-convict tenant in Tom and Ellen's house.

Some people have experienced similar Christmas card trauma:




But most people were just doubled over with laughter:







Not Peanut!

Meyers has had a pretty solid 2019, receiving four Emmy nominations, including "Original Music & Lyrics" for Documentary Now! and "Best Writing-Variety Series" for both Late Night with Seth Meyers and Documentary Now!

May Seth, the actual Meyers' family, Ellen, Tom and Peanut all have a merry and a bright holiday season.

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