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20 years may not seem that long ago.

2001 was just yesterday, right? "Friends" was still hot on television, we were excited about entering into the new millenium, and we had no idea what was going on with Britney Spears. A lot can change in two decades, so much so that if you said anything like what's below to people then, they might look at you like your head is on fire.

Reddit user, u/CathyHaileyb, wanted to know how the tides of time have shifted when they asked:

What is a completely rational sentence you could speak today, that if you said 20 years ago, people would think you were insane?

Technology might be the most radically changing topic of discussion. How many of us remember what it was like to carry around a giant portfolio of CDs in our cars to listen to all the music we want?

It gets worse.

...How Do You See?

"I store my contacts in the cloud."


"I store mine with contact solution in a little container in my bathroom."


These Are All Most Certainly Words, For Sure

"Let me Tweet this TikTok I found on Reddit."

"I'm trying to find out ways to get more people to follow me."


They'll Surpass Us Soon

"128 GB of storage is tiny"


"Back in 1994, Chandler Bing got a new laptop with 12 MB of RAM, 500 MB hard drive and built-in spreadsheet capabilities. He was bragging about something that's a few orders of magnitude crappier than the cheapest phone out there."

"Honestly, technology is progressing at an scary rate."


Say something like this to someone from 20 years ago and for sure they'll look at you like you've just spoken an alien language. None of these words, in these orders, should mean anything but somehow they do.

We've Advanced So Far

"My self-driving car not only has wifi so your kids can watch Movies on their tablets while we get groceries, but it also has Autonomous Climate Control to safely monitor temperature while we're inside, all controlled through my Mobile Phone."

"Bit of a run-on, but you most certainly would NOT believe me if I said that 20yrs ago."


How Man Spider-Men?

"I can't wait to see the 3rd Spiderman movie that will hopefully feature the two other famous Spiderman actors who starred in those other 5 Spiderman movies."


They Started Out As A Book Delivery Service

"Order it off Amazon and it will be delivered tomorrow"


"But why would I need a book delivered tomorrow?"


Sci-Fi Movies Could Never Have Predicted This

"Hey, sorry the call quality is bad. I had to take the call on my watch because I'm watching a movie on my phone."


"This gets more ridiculous the more you think about it"


...Okay, Now You're Pulling My Leg.

I need to charge my book.


Also I need to plug in my cigarette.


These are just all in the last five years.

That's a lot of change.

Every Bank Robber From The Old West Has Something To Say

"Always put your mask on before going in to a crowded bank"


Those. Aren't. The. Same. Numbers.

"The 2020 Olympics will be in 2021."


"I wonder what they would start thinking if you told them that and gave no context whatsoever."



"Home Alone II has a future U.S. President in the script."


Time is ever changing, ever shifting, and if you're not paying attention then someday you might look around and be completely blown away. Acknowledge time is passing, the world is changing, be ready to live in it, and always charge your books.

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