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Beware the scams. That should be a mantra for everyone. There are so many scams out in the world we have to be ready for.

So many people have figured out ways to fleece the innocent of their money, it's sickening. And a large reason behind the success of the malevolent is gaslighting.

We the people have been swindled by simplicity and delicate conning. Lesson #1: "If it looks too good to be true... IT IS!"

Redditor u/MR_COOL_ICE_ wanted to discuss the ways in which we've witnessed humanity being bamboozled by asking:

What do you consider to be the biggest scam that is completely normalized by society?

A big problem has been the fact that a lot of the dubious doings are in fact, legal. That is why we have to pay attention to the fine print. I wish I had paid closer attention when ordering those CD packages all those moons ago.



"The easy-to-join, difficult-to-cancel subscription model."

- Gorf_the_Magnificent

"California is actually passing legislation to ban this in the state."

- TheEncryptedPsychic

Just add Water...

"Detox drinks."

- JustAJumpToTheLeft_

"You need to detox your body from unnatural chemicals". Every single thing in nature is a chemical Susan. If your liver relied on your juices to metabolize compounds you'd be long dead by now."

- Soylopeor

In Death

"Funerals. Paying for things like caskets for your loved once when you're at possibly the most emotionally vulnerable that you could be."

- Civil_Eye_4289

"The funeral industry is ridiculous. Parlours deliberately try to sell you more expensive coffins because that's somehow more dignified. They are the worst kind of swindler."

- AemiliaJacobus

Music Scam

"Ticketmaster. I hate Ticketmaster."

- your-playboy

"Bought by Live Nation... Ticketmaster has been owned by Live Nation for just over 12ish years now. Live Nation is the driving force behind all the bullcrap in the last decade. But they get to use TM as a scapegoat to drive best away from them."

- Scaldera93


office space nina GIF Giphy

"Companies not disclosing salaries on job listings and encouraging staff not to discuss pay. It only benefits the employer, but everyone goes long with it."

- R1ven36

Who knew death could be a con job? Tragic isn't it? Why does it cost that much money to bid farewell to a loved one? And now that I think about it, what the vet charges for animal cremation is also a swindle.

Hot Wheels

Car Sales Dance GIF by Quickpage Giphy

"The way we buy cars in general (with some exceptions)."

- Idkanymore16

"Good lord, yes. Forget this nonsense of negotiating; what is this, a bazaar on the silk road? Just freaking give me a take it or leave it price, and either I'll buy it or I won't."

- moodpecker


"Printer ink. Every single company that sells printers sells them at a loss. They then make up their profits my making their ink cost an arm and a leg. They even put special chips on each cartridge that will tell the printer not to work if it has been refilled."

- yumomgaey

Lives on the Line

"Insulin prices in USA."

- EverybodyLikesStonks

"I did a research project for my science class, and learnt that the man who discovered insulin didn't patent it, because he wanted everyone who needed it to have it."

- Mollusc_Memes

Death Industry

"The funeral industry. You have to spend thousands of dollars to get rid of a body because otherwise you're "disrespecting" it. My parents have told me "whatever is the cheapest way to dispose of the body, do that, and then invite the friends to a party to remember us."

"That's exactly how I feel. Would be happy to donate any organs if they're viable, and/or become a medical cadaver, but then just dispose of the corpse as medical waste. If you find this disgusting or disrespectful, that's because preserving a corpse with toxic embalming fluid and then putting it in a concrete vault under the ground has been, as in the question, "normalized by society."

- WikiWantsYourPics

Environmental Lies...

"The majority of plastic "recycling" in the US. Not only did corporations pass off the burden of dealing with it to the consumer while they just produce more and more every year, the majority of plastic beyond pop bottles isn't even actually recyclable and will end up being shipped to small South Asian countries where it will be burned. Its a huge scam. Metal and glass recycling still kind of works in some areas but where fresh water is scarce everything is net negative environmentally speaking, even paper."

"Please do your best to conserve, reduce, and do what makes sense environmentally for your specific region. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to conserve fresh water. The environmental costs of the impending/upcoming fresh water shortage in parts of the world will far outweigh any impacts from lack of recycling."

- areuseriousjk


face scanning GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Giphy

"All this tracking happening with everything on the internet. Social networks, ads, our banks, our phones with all those sensors. Everything is tracking us and collects information about us and they use it in some spooky ways."

"Either way I'd be happier if I at least could have more control over it or even maybe could make money from the data about me myself. When you really see how deep this goes it kinda feels like something from 1984. Oh and also the ever growing attempts of companies to go against ownership and to keep control over everything even after we buy it."

- Mozkozrout

When money is involved, pay closer attention. There are ways to swindle the swindlers. Haggling is an art, take a lesson. That's the best advice I got.

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