People Break Down Which Scams No One Seems To Notice Have Become So Normalized
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Nowadays, one must always be hyper-aware about the situations they get themselves into.

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People Break Down The Biggest Scams In Life That No One Wants To Admit To
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It can feel like your constantly looking over your shoulder anytime you want to buy anything today, as if someone is following you around with a pen hoping for you to sign away your wallet on a dotted line.

Scams and schemes are all over the place, and while they may not be some shoddy-looking man in a suit hoping to take you for a ride, they manifest in different ways.

Ever heard of "convenience fees?"

They're everywhere, and we all seem to have to be okay with them.

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People Explain Which Things In Life Are A Straight Up Scam
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Since the pandemic, scammers have become more elaborate with their schemes.

While some eventually become wise to cons, the scammers are always another step ahead, coming up with newer ways to take advantage of gullible people.

However, we are not to be underestimated. Many of us are catching on to what's fake in our private messages and email inboxes.

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People Share The Industries That Would Immediately Go Bankrupt If People Became More Intelligent
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We would hope the world isn't out to get us. However, going through this list of all the scams and grifters and liars, hoping to get their grubby little hands into our pockets, it's easy to think otherwise. With a little foresight and some critical analysis, you can avoid these pitfalls, keeping your money right where it belongs.

Yet, people keep falling for them every day. If only, I don't know, some magical wave spread out over the planet, increasing everyone's base level intelligence ten fold...

...I wonder what would happen...

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