Non-Negotiable Rules People Enforce In Their Households

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When we enter into someone's home, we need to adhere to what others want in their homes.

Take off your shoes.

No alcohol.

Clean the toilet after use.

All things we can make possible.

Respecting other people's boundaries is important.

That shouldn't be a problem... unless the rules are a bit strange.

Redditor cigarandcreamsoda wanted to discuss house rules. So they asked:

"What is a non-negotiable rule in your house for everyone?"

Rule #1 in my home... you MUST be able to listen to Adele.

That is all.

Clear the Way

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"Don't put stuff on the stairs. Almost died once. Never again!"


"Same with the burners on the stove when not cooking. Too many grown adults were slapping flammable things on it like it was a coffee table."



"The one rule in my dad’s house is one that he won’t tell you: don’t poop in the upstairs bathroom. The shame of having to ask him for a plunger is just not worth it."


That’s us with the downstairs bathroom. My parents only replaced the one upstairs when they bought the house. The one downstairs is old af and cheap as hell so it’s not gonna flush your logs. My cousin found out the hard way once and flooded the bathroom in the middle of the night."


Stay Empty

"One side of the kitchen sink stays empty! We have one of those two-basin stainless sinks and it drives me absolutely bonkers when I have to remove and stack dishes just to get water to make coffee in the morning."


"I grew up with an empty sink and one side of the counter was where dirty dishes got stacked. My wife declared this abnormal and that dirty dishes had to live in the (one-hole) sink."


"My roommates are constantly amazed at how little space dirty dishes take up on the counter when they're rinsed and stacked properly."



"Knock first! Bathroom, bedroom or study room. Knocking is a slowly forgotten art of respect."


"Totally. We don't lock any inside doors (in case something happens to you and someone needs to get in for help), so we enforce the knock and wait for the ok to enter. We do it when we want to go into my son's room too. He deserves privacy and respect like us as his parents do."


Be Gracious

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"Help cleaning up the dishes after a meal is graciously appreciated. But, don’t even think about putting my knives or pans in the dishwasher. I will happily hand wash them myself."


Don't be lazy. Clean a DISH!

No Feed

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"Don’t feed my dogs, anything. I don’t care how cute they are looking at you."


"fish, fish"

"Don't tap on the aquarium glass."


"I had a big aquarium and I actually trained my fish to all congregate at one spot by tapping on an area when it was feeding time and saying 'fish, fish.' Now whenever I need them to be in a particular spot I just tap to wherever I want them to be and because they associate tapping with treats or feeding time, they don't find it scary or stressful. Visitors also love to see me call my fish over by simply tapping and/or saying 'fish, fish.'"


Clothes On!

"Minimum pants (underwear) at the dinner table. Remarkably something you have to enforce quite often with small children."


"My nephews, were they were little, would let you know they were done eating by stripping right there at the table lol. No warnings. That was their way to let us know they were ready for a bath lol."



"Don't f**k around with someone when they are asleep. If someone is asleep, they're off limits, no messing with/pranks and no waking up without good reason. It wasn't until talking to my friends who had siblings who would pile things on them, move the bed, wake them up in the middle of the night (just general sibling hijinks) And realized how important the 'leave sleeping family members alone' was in our house growing up."



Disagree Clean It Up GIF by NOW WE'RE TALKING TV SERIESGiphy

"If you pee on the toilet seat clean it up!!!

"I am a single parent with 2 boys, I know I'm not the one peeing on the toilet seat but apparently they don't either."


Your house, your rules! The end!

What are some rules you grew up with or enforce in your home or apartment today? Let us know in the comments.

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