Movies Where It's Easier To Root For The Bad Guys
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Who doesn't love a good villain?

If we really stop and think, we might realize that it's the villains, not so much the heroes, who have all the best lines.

Not to mention, often the most striking wardrobes as well.

Which doesn't mean that we don't cheer and feel vindicated to see them pay for all their awful deeds.

Most of the time.

In some rare cases, we might find ourselves siding with the supposed antagonist.

Leaving the theater wondering what exactly is so bad about them, and scratching our heads as to whether or not they got what they deserved.

Redditor thatredgirl19 was eager to hear which films people find themselves sympathizing with the villains over the supposed heroes, leading them to ask:
"In what movie did you like the bad guy more than the good guy?"


"Emperor's New groove. Yzma and Kronk, they're entertaining to watch until today."- EarlyNeedleworker

"Kronk was pretty loveable in 'The Emperor's New Groove'."- jonny_orange

That Explains The Sequels...

"There’s just something about Predator that keeps me interested."- bignuncedboy

Alien Vs Predator GIF by foxhorrorGiphy

Their History Is Complicated...

"The Rock."

"Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery and Ed Harris."

"Harris assumes control of Alcatraz prison, a now tourist destination, and uses it as a missile launch site to threaten the US government for ransom."

"On the surface he looks like a bad guy, so Cage and Connery have to go stop him."

"Later in the movie it's revealed that he only wants the reparations his dead men and their families are entitled to."

"He doesn't hurt any prisoners and though he's given the opportunity, when the government declines, he admits he was never going to actually use the weapon."

"The movie is well written and the characters have depth enough to garner empathy for even the villain."- TwilightsHammer

No Explanation Needed...

"'Muppet Treasure Island'."

"Come on."

"Tim Curry."- ZecoraNightshade

The Dangers Of Revenge...

"I rooted for Gerard Butlers character Clyde Sheldon in 'Law Abiding Citizen'."- traco93

sexy gerard butler GIFGiphy

If You Can't Take The Heat


"De Niro > Pacino ."

"'Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner'."- beachhike

Survival Of The Fittest...

"Wiley Coyote."

"Dude was starving in the desert and just wanted to eat."- enrtcode

Those Wings Are Hard To Resist...

"The Monarch in venture brothers."- Drunkmast

GIF by The Venture BrothersGiphy

Has Has Power Over Someone...


"I mean, it's David Bowie dancing around with a bulge."

"TIL the bulge was the hero of the story."- PonchiBear

All villains have a seductive charm about them which makes them hard to resist, which helps them get away with their dastardly plans...

Though in some cases, maybe they simply are that charming, and their plans aren't that dastardly.

After all, thanks to Miranda Priestly, Andy Sachs will NEVER not notice when a belt is cerulean ever again.