As children, and even as a young adults, we all have dreams and aspirations we hope to see come to fruition someday. It’s just a matter of how deeply we dream, and how hard we work to see them happen. 22-year-old Jessie Plascencia, or @cowboyjess on TikTok, was adamant about her dreams to work as […] More
Can you ever get too old for things that make you happy? Even if something is made with the intent of pleasing children, does that mean we can’t still enjoy a certain book, tv show or movie as an adult? Should we as adults be obligated to spend time in museums and libraries, and stay […] More
Lawyers Explain Which Disney And Pixar Villains They Could Easily Defend In Court
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Disney and Pixar villains wreak havoc on our favorite protagonists and justice ends up being served by severe punishment–ultimately resulting in their demise.

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Raising kids is a tough experience. You hope they’re going to be the best they can be. You can’t wait for them to be parents, so that you can see how the legacy continues. It’s beautiful… until it’s not. Case in point… Redditor DisneyTripGrandma wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she […] More
We all have our interests and our passions, and we have every right to enjoy them and pursue them. But sometimes, one of us will take our passions too far, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor Queen_of_Wands19 was tired of her sister’s constant desire for Disney-themed items in her home, even when […] More