Lawyers Explain Which Disney And Pixar Villains They Could Easily Defend In Court
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Disney and Pixar villains wreak havoc on our favorite protagonists and justice ends up being served by severe punishment–ultimately resulting in their demise.

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Some of the best movies out there are very depressing in scope, often because they end with bad people getting what they want. Real life is depressing enough, right? Why would we sit through that?

Well, some of the best movies out there don't end happily. Take Rosemary's Baby, for instance. In that movie, there is no question that the title character has lost the battle. And we have to watch her suffer and be gaslit by everyone around her before that very memorable ending!

Eden Lake, a movie that is on one level about class warfare, is another. Prepare to be depressed as hell once that's over.

People shared their thoughts after Redditor LoveOverwatch76 asked the online community,

"What is a movie where the bad guys win?"
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People Choose Which Horror Villain They'd Go Up Against For 24 Hours To Win $3 Billion
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Suppose you ran into Pennywise the Dancing Clown. You should have no time defeating It if you didn't allow them to feed on your fear. But could you survive 24 hours of It chasing you? Especially when it has the power to shape shift into something you're actually afraid of?

Not as easy as it sounds, huh?

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People Explain Which Villain They Just Can't Bring Themselves To Hate

There is nothing better than a great villain.

They are what makes a great story.

What would be the point of Batman without The Joker or Catwoman?

Who is Luke without Vader?

As an actor, I've always had the best time being the villain.

They're just more in tune with life. Even when they're bats**t crazy.

That's why we never forget them.

Redditor Rito_Harem_King wanted to discuss the bad "guys" we just can't shake. They asked...

"What villain can you just not hate?"
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People Share The Best Real Life Examples Of The Villain Defeating The Good Guy
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In literature, the protagonist always coming out on top is almost a guarantee.

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