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When it comes to dating and sex, there is someone for everyone.

You have two choices when confronted with meeting someone who has an "abnormal" erotic expression. You can either move on or – depending on how much you're into the person – have an open mind.

If you go with the latter, there could be a possibility you unlock a hidden desire within yourseslf. Or not. That's the beauty of kissing a few toads before finding a compatible companion.

Curious to hear about strangers' erotic desires, Redditor Specialist-Hippo9328 asked:

"What things are a huge turn off for you but is considered hot by others?"

These Redditors refuse to engage in the following when in the bedroom.

Auditory Assault

"Excessive fake screaming and moaning."


Identity Crisis

"Might be just me, but 'say my name'. I'm already super awkward in that kind of situation, now it just got a lot more awkward."


"Oh yeah baby say my name."


"'NOOOOOOOOO"' *vanishes into the void*"


Lacking In Taste

"For me It's involving food in sex, food isn't sexy, ever... At least to me."


"not even being slapped in the face by multiple hot dogs?"


Role Play


"Never got the appeal, but it's super common."


While dating can be fun, figuring out who a prospective romantic partner is can be frustrating.

Reindeer Games

"The typical mind games or 'relationship tests'."

"If you play hard to get, I will assume you are not interested and stop trying. No means no. It doesn't mean 'Maybe, I could be interested if you try harder'"


About Intelligence

"To the men turned off by women 'playing dumb' — don't worry! My stupidity is 100% genuine"


Leggo Your Ego

"A really flamboyant 'romantic' gesture. It smacks of egotism to me and it would turn me off of that person immediately."


The Rage Is Real

"Anger? It's supposedly hot when people (especially men) get angry and intimidating but it's the least attractive thing in the world for me. Being able to stay calm and collected under pressure is sexy."


Takes Your Breath Away

"Choking. Gives me panic attacks."


"An ex of mine knew I hated any breath restrictions so he proceeded to hold a cushion over my mouth with his full weight, that was the end of that relationship."


Some people here were quick to express their revulsion to a certain kink.

Yes, the unimaginable ways in which someone can experience pleasure in the bedroom can be jaw-dropping, but keep in mind that it's not kind to denigrate people.

Kink-shaming is a problem because the stigma that comes with having a kink prevents people from living their authentic lives.

So while people having a predilection for food with sex may not necessarily be your thing, just let them eat cake.

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