I think you can always tell when someone has a crush on you.

Try as we might those types of feelings are often hard to subvert.

I always knew when someone liked me.

Sometimes I'd be thrilled and others... I kept praying they'd keep it to themselves.

But I was always polite with their feelings.

No matter what always be kind about it.

It's a flattering. If they get crazy though, then it's a different story.

RedditorTricknMinecraftwanted to hear about the times when we've learned people were a little sweet on us. They asked:

"How did you find out someone had a crush on you?"

I've had too many crushes to name. Some worked some didn't. Had did y'all do?

April of '92...

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"Had a girl keep banging my leg under the table at a Yonge St. Swiss Chalet in the fall of '91. I just thought our group was too tight together and she needed space. Turns out I'm just a clueless idiot. We've been together since April of '92 - so luckily she was persistent."


“what about me?”

"Was leaving school one day and my small group of friends were hugging and saying bye when this girl that I was into but didn’t know if she was into me raised her arms up and says 'what about me?' It was the best hug I’ve ever had. That was in 2005, we’ve been together ever since."


“ooh an arm!”

"I was due in a couple weeks to move halfway across the country for my job so I was hanging out with a local friend to say goodbye. That night I admitted I would have asked her out if I wasn’t moving so far away. There was a moment of silence and she responded with, 'yeah I probably would have said yes- you’re quite the catch.'"

"Later that night we’re lying on her bed watching anime. She gets up to use the bathroom so I stretch my arms out. She comes back, sees me stretched out, says 'ooh an arm!' and cuddles right up to me. We’re dating now :)"


It all makes sense...

"You’ll randomly realize 20 years standing in the shower. Suddenly you’ll be like ohhhhh that’s what she meant."


"LOL... was telling friends about a boy at school asking me if I'd date him when he got his new Ute. I was terribly offended and thought it was a hypothetical and was like 'No! I'd date someone because I liked them and they were kind to me not because of a car!' Girls all gave me a look and explained that was just awkward 2001 flirting. Oops."



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"I once had a girl introduce me to her friend like this: 'This is Tim. I have a huge crush on him, but he hasn't figured it out yet.' I guess she'd gotten tired of waiting for me to figure it out, LOL."


You can't wait forever. In the movies, pining looks romantic. In real life it's just sad and lonely.


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"When they broke things off with their fiancé because they had feelings for me. I was horrified."


A Little Extra...

"She worked at the McDonald's near my house. She kept giving me free bacon every time I ordered a McDouble. I don't eat pork. After like the 3rd time, I go in the store to complain. The cashier calls up the girl in the back and she basically explains the bacon was her way of flirting with me. She was cute, so we did end up dating for a bit."


Well Obvi...

"When I was about 10, this girl in my class had a crush on me. She made it obvious but I wasn’t interested at the time. After school we never saw each other for a few years then at 18 she apparently still had a crush on me. We’ve been married 18 years now."



"I opened my high school yearbook from my Sophomore year and found a message from a friend that we should hangout together and included her phone number. I only found it 18 years later and I feel horrible that I didn't see it because it probably made me look like a fool and hurt her feelings."


I Know You

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"I was good friends with my crush."

"One night while texting he says, 'we aren't just friends, right?' and that was the first time i realised even he has a thing for me and I wasn't just imagining the sparks between us. He was my first boyfriend. I don't think I'd have a relationship as healthy as that one."


Life is too short. If you like them, let them know. Just don't be all weird and crazy about it.

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