People Reveal The Real Reasons Why They Plan On Having Children Or Not

Whether or not to bring children into the world is a very personal decision.

While there are many arguments as to why anyone should, or shouldn't have children, it's not a decision for other people to make for you.

Some people dream of being a parent since they were children themselves, and can't wait to shower their own children with love.

While others always dreamed of having children, but for one reason or another, it simply never worked out.

Then there are those who never saw children as part of their life plan and don't feel any kind of void without having children in their lives.

Redditor ilovenosycats was curious to hear why people chose not to, or don't plan on having children leading them to ask:
"Why don't you have kids and/or do not plan on having kids?"

Don't Want Them Enough

"I just don't feel like I want it badly enough, and one should really want to have a child in order to be able to give their 100% as a parent, every child deserves that."- SignificantFunny1523

Prefer A Good Night's Sleep


"I love sleep."

"I get up when I'm being paid to get up but otherwise my great and immediate joy is sleeping until I don't feel like sleeping anymore."

"I much prefer sleep to children."- DamnIGottaJustSay

How Long Have You Got?

"Why do I plan not to have children?"


"'unrolls a list that's miles long...'"- HagBasket


"This curse ends with me."- DaveTheRoper

Too Short A Fuse...

"Don’t have the patience for kids."- Leoimirmir

When Weighing The Pros And Cons...

"I don't see the upsides."- igna92ts

Plain And Simple

"I don’t want to be a parent."

"That’s a perfectly valid reason."- AllyriaCelene


"Kids are great if you don’t like money or sleep."- ComplicationOnRS

"Clean house, financial comfort, ability to travel/leave the house whenever we want to."- Dear-Cockroach4589

Knowing What's Best For Yourself

"The whole process seems incredibly painful and difficult."

"I'd f*ck my kids up."

"I have a fearful-avoidant attachment style as a result of my toxic parents."

"I wouldn't be able to properly parent."

"I'm incredibly inpatient and would change my mind 3 months in, if I even made it through the whole pregnancy.'

"I want freedom."

"Having kids means being available and responsible."

"I am not and will not be these things."

"I wanna live for me, live to enjoy life, and I most definitely won't enjoy having kids."

"The world is overpopulated and f*cked."

"I don't see any point in bringing more people to this world."

"I have more reasons but these are my top 5."- mayo_nnais3


"Because I am scared of being a bad parent."

"I can't bring a life in this world just to screw it."

"Thanks for f*cking me up Narc dad."- WaywardRoads

Too Expensive

"To quote Homer Simpson 'aww I have 3 kids and no money. I wish I had 3 money and no kids'."

"I like my lifestyle."

"I am starting a 'college fund", but instead of paying for a 3-year degree I’m going to blow it on a looooonnngggg vacation."- timberwolf0122

"Cost of raising a kid, and the lifelong stress of raising a kid."- Typical_Conclusion_5

There are those who might call people selfish for not wanting children for the reasons listed above.

Perhaps these reasons are selfish, but on the other hand, they know they would not be able to give a child the attention, love, and support they would need.

It's the people who know this and have children anyway who might be considered the selfish ones.

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