People Divulge The Reasons They've Been Banned From An Establishment

People Divulge The Reasons They've Been Banned From An Establishment
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If you've never been banned from an establishment, then you haven't lived.

I jest.

But seriously, getting a bit raucous now and again and being escorted from a geographical point is like a rite of passage.

Now there is no need to be violent or cause property damage, that's just craziness. But maybe being a little too loud, or standing your ground with an ornery manager is worth it.

Just try to not be led out in handcuffs.

Redditor Ali_6950wanted everyone to fess up and share the reasons why some of us could be considered a trespasser in certain situations.

They asked:

"What’s the reason you have been banned from an establishment such as a shop/bar/restaurant/cafe/etc...?"

I'm banned from a few bars.

I like to dance.

On tables, chairs, bars, people... put on Lady Gaga and I'm out.

Their loss...

The Attire

"Got banned from the mall when I was younger because I wore an inappropriate shirt that I bought in the mall." ~ par337


"display behavior"

"I once got barred from a pub for burping. No crap, it was in the Conan Doyle pub in Edinburgh, years ago."

"Our small group wasn't being disruptive or anything - my burp wasn't some intentional, obnoxious 'display behavior' intended to unsettle other patrons; it was actually quite discreet, and simply the result of drinking carbonated beverages, with nothing more to it than that."

"But we were sitting near the bar, the barman heard, and we all got thrown out - and for objecting to it, initially thinking it was a bad joke, I got no-crap, full-on barred. Like I say, it wasn't some over-the-top 'eruption' of a belch - it was the same one you'd let loose in front of your own mother, followed by an 'excuse me'."

"I thought at the time that the barman was being a neurotic, over-assertive bell-end, and my own time as a barman in the years since has only served to reinforce that impression." ~ MagicSPA


"I was doing a history project on Poland, and it was well-known this teacher gave an extra letter grade for bringing in food from the country. A friend from my previous school brought me to a bakery that made Kołacz that his family loved. I ordered one for my class, paying a deposit and specifying the day I was due to present."

"I ran in before school to get my order, and the woman behind the counter (the manager) told me that whoever took my order never sent it; there was no Kołacz in the store. Despite me presenting my invoice and pointing out the date they agreed to have it."

"She refused to refund my deposit on the basis 'we can make you one for tomorrow.' I had to call the credit card company and dispute the charge that way. A few days later, my friend called me and asked why we were both banned from the bakery." ~ Raven4869


"Also a fun story of someone who wasn’t my friend but who I used to run track with. He thought it would be hilarious to put a pebble inside a piece of gum and throw it out the window of the bus on the way to a track meet. Thought it would just stick to the windshield and be a nuisance."

"Ended up shattering part of the windshield because we are in a bus going mf 55 miles per hour. Person followed the bus all the way to the track meet. Cops came. Kid was banned from track, not sure if he was banned from the bus though." ~ Apprehensive-Taro-77

Bye Chuck

"This is how I got banned from Chuck E Cheese."


"I figured out that I could take a ball from the game where you shoot the clown's teeth and use it at the skeeball machine.The skeeball machine would count the points but not the ball used, which enabled me to play forever with just one ball and max out the machine. I did it on two skeeball machines before someone noticed and I got banned/kicked out." ~ Papaya_flight

Everyone should be banned from Chuck E.Cheese.

Even Chuck E. until the food is better at least.


"I drunkenly stumbled into the big pyramid of wine glasses that were, for some reason, stacked on the side of the bar... After they all fell and smashed everywhere causing a huge scene I proceeded to tell the bartender that it wasn't me."

"Two seconds later I was in a headlock being dragged outside by a large bouncer." ~ _gnoof


Bus Tales

"Sitting in the bus with the other students in the marching band, waiting for the bus to leave for the football game, apparently the kid beside/behind me (it was like 6-8 years ago) had written the n-word in the condensation in the bus window."

"Boy, was it a fun experience when the band directors were on the bus 2 minutes later yelling for whoever wrote the n-word to come with them." ~ Otafrear

Tag. You're it!

"When I was 12 my favorite thing to do was play laser tag at the one laser tag place in our town. I'd go every Friday night and play for 3 hours or so. There weren't many other regular players, so nobody else was getting better at it like I was."

"After about a year I was just wrecking everyone and the owner ended up banning me from the place because it was driving away customers."

"It really sucked because it was favorite activity and I was just immediately cut off from it. 6 years later I found a place in another city that had other players that played regularly so I was able to start playing again with people at similar skill levels." ~ LeCrushinator

Season Passes...

"I got 'banned' from Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ) several times in the early 90s. Back when I was in high school, season passes like $40 or something, making it a no brainer to buy one if you intended to go at least twice. My friend and I went probably 5-7 days a week since we lived close by."

"We knew the park and its operations better than pretty much anyone who didn't work there, and eventually grew too comfortable with taking shortcuts through employee areas, trying to climb things we shouldn't, bothering other guests, and overall being a bunch of New Jersey Teenagers (aka jerks)."

"Thing is, the only IDs we had on us were our Season Passes, which we always assigned fake names for no preplanned reason. (Summer of 1994 my pass said Oskar Schindler). We eventually got in so much trouble they would take our passes and tell us we were banned for life."

"Well, another $40 at the front gate and boom, back in as Itzhak Stern. They needed at that time to figure out the flaws in their system." ~ Phormicidae


"My longtime barber had oozing pink eye and I merely told him I’d come back the next week. He told me not to come back at all." ~ severalgirlzgalore


Y'all crazy and I LOVE it!

And why would you work with pink eye?!

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