Someone in a position of authority is really inspiring the racists all over the United States to speak out, as if what they say should matter.

Some of them are even writing their thoughts on overpasses and promposal signs.

Where have we gone so wrong?

How did people get the ideas for things like this promposal sign in the first place?




Reddit user letsgetdickered saw an offensive sign on their commute home every day and decided to get it out of the way once and for all.

Okay, hold on.

First of all, Mexican food is the third most popular menu type in the entire United States, so, slow your roll, racist sir.

The Reddit community knows this.

"You can pry my Mexican food from my cold, dead, white fingers."


"Don't make me choose between tacos and America."
"Seriously though. Most Hispanics I know work their asses off and take care of their families. If that's not American Values, then I don't know what is."


"Fun fact: according to this study, Mexicans work more hours per year than any other nationality included in the data. They average over 2,200 hours of work per year (equivalent to six hours a day with no days off), compared to 1,783 for the average American."


And it feels pretty crazy that anybody could hate Mexican food like that. Have they just not tried it?

"Wow. I never thought it was possible for anyone to hate Mexican food. They must have busted taste buds."


"These are people who burn everything and cover it up with salt and ketchup."
"Steak? Well done, with fries on the side."


"Maybe they just want Mexican food made by white people? I once went to a Mexican restaurant clearly run by white people. The rice tasted like chicken soup. It was off-putting and unpleasant."


And the USA is done with racists.


"This is honestly disgusting. Our cultural diversity is what makes our nation great and some people are just so narrow minded."


"I did a similar thing. We have a bread baking store in my town, and they had a sign recognizing the welcoming of foreigners. People would knock the sign over, and if I passed it, I'd always put it back up. F*ck prejudice."


"Seems fake. The way they spelled restaurant correctly - doesn't quite fit the typical homemade ethnic rant sign."


Can we all agree we are leaving racists behind in 2019 or at least in November 2020?

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