People Describe The Quickest Ways Someone Can F*** Up Their Life
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We make choices, practically thousands within a day.

Sometimes we make choices within choices.

And each choice is a gamble.

We can burn our lives to the ground without a match.

And often destruction is fast and furious.

RedditorNinhaLatinawanted to give out some warnings to everyone on how to keep life on track... they asked:

"What is the quickest way to f**k up your life?"

Excess in anything as always brought me down more dicey roads. So I try to stick with moderation.

Blow it out...

"Forgot you lit a candle and ended up burning your apartment complex down which caused the death of multiple tenants."



"Went to school with a guy who was valedictorian... couple years later found out he overdosed... he was set up to go to Yale or Harvard don't really remember... either way that sucks."


"Yeah, developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a surefire way to screw up your life and it can happen surprisingly quickly. Source: ruined a lot of things for myself because of a drinking problem but luckily managed to turn things around."


For fast results...

"Drugs and Crime. For fast results. Get naked in public and punch a cop."


"Growing up, my parents didn't shelter me from that crap, they showed me what drugs could do to me. They had a few co workers who were recovering addicts talk to me and tell what they went through because of drugs. As I got older I never wanted to do anything harder than weed, and that was very infrequently. Now I'm 35 yrs old happily married with a beautiful son and I haven't done anything harder than weed."


Black Holes

"In high school, I was in all of the AP classes with all of the top 10% of my graduating class and this was actually not too uncommon. I know so many that dropped out of college or never went to college and a few that turned to drugs at least for a little bit. Number 3 in my graduating class dropped out after a semester and started working at Walmart."

"She still does 14 years later and not even a manager or supervisor as if she purposely chooses not to be in a position of power or advance at all. Just something about being considered a child genius and having that constant pressure to always be perfect just messes with so many people."

"I admit that I fell into that same black hole and did nothing for over a year before I woke up and pieced my life back together. Luckily I never had any interest in drugs. I think our school system needs to change or at least provide better support to these students."


Used People

"Marry or cohabit with someone who doesn't love you but wants to use you."


Don't jump on the FOREVER bandwagon without really knowing them first! That's a good one.

15 years ago...

"Get caught on To Catch a Predator. There is still a very active community of fans that watch and discuss episodes from 15 years ago. Every guy from that show has a nickname and a wiki page with all the dirty details whether they did an interview with Chris or just showed up in the background for 5 seconds."


Bad Charge

I Got This Credit GIF by HustlersGiphy

"Get into massive credit card debt."


Russian Roulette

"So, heard a story about a guy that I went to high school with. He was a big druggy and the kind of guy that always wanted to look like a bada**. SUPPOSEDLY he and some friends were crazy high and decided to play Russian Roulette. The spun the gun and all that, and the first guy wised up and didn't pull the trigger."

"From what I was told he said 'don't be a pu**y' put the gun under his chin and fired. The bullet went up through his jaw and tore off the front of the left side of his face along with his nose and eye socket. Somehow survived. Now he is missing one eye, his face is all messed up and I think he is blind in his other eye because of it. No brain damage though, somehow."


No parental help...

"A friend was all set up to go to university with a full ride scholarship but ended up knocking his GF up and had to drop out to support them. He now works as a gas station attendant."


"If you have parents support pregnancy doesn't have to be the end obviously it makes it harder and no additional support from relatives is really difficult."

"But a lot of people actually have an incentive to do better with kids. Having a parent to look up to growing up who actively pursues higher education and incentives to provide a better life is inspiring. My dad did that for the purpose of qualifying for promotion. No parental help."



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"Maybe not the quickest, but punching someone who falls, hits their head, and dies. Quick, AND probably unexpected!"



"Playing Russian roulette."


"Some kids near my town decided to do it not even with a revolver but with like a .45 and this 17-year-old guy shot his brains out in front of his friends."

"Edit: I don't wanna speak ill of the dead, even if there was a lack of thought process in such a senseless death."


Train wreck

"Having a baby unexpectedly and you broke as hell.and you don't even like the other person that much... f**ks up so many people's life."


"Legit, also happened to me. Ex fell pregnant around 2 months into dating, she ended up losing it. Lord if that happened I'd have been messed because looking back, the relationship was a train wreck. When I broke it off with her, she asked me to marry her to'"Fix it.'"


Snake Eyes

"Gambling addiction."


"I'll never forget going to a casino on my 21st birthday. I was sitting there at the penny slots, and sitting a couple of chairs away from some dude. You could smell the booze and stale cigarettes from multiples chairs away. He asks me how old I was, and I told him I just turned 21."

"He told me he was in his late 40s (though he looked older than my 74 year old dad) and due to his gambling addiction he worked mornings as a Walmart bag person, and spent his nights at the casino, while living with his parents. I'm now in my early 30s, and have gambled at a casino like twice since that conversation. Fu***kkkkk all of that."



"Paying attention to 24h news."


"I’ve cut out almost all news and politics a few weeks go, as well as most social media. The best way to describe it is that my life feels insanely more clear. As if I can see all my goals and things I want done."

"I’m reading and learning more. It’s like a weight off my shoulders. I feel so much less stress not looking at politics and news specifically."

"Now, if I could just get rid of reddit and TikTok for the endless scrolling during breaks."



kristen bell narcissist GIF by SAG AwardsGiphy

"Dating a narcissist. Your life will never be the same again. Not even after the relationship is over. The trauma will remain."


"socially unacceptable"

"Get caught saying something horrific on video and having it go viral."


"I'm worried about doing something 'socially unacceptable' on video and it will go viral. Like arguing with a cashier and I will look like a 'Karen.' Or attacking someone because that other person attacked me first but the video conveniently does not show me being attacked. Or I will bump into a woman by accident and it looks like I did it on purpose."



"Join the military for some. For me it was a huge blessing. VA loan and GI bill hooked me up. For others they got DUIs drug incidents and all sorts of reasons to get kicked out. Doesn’t look good to future employers to get kicked out. An honorable discharge is the way to go!"



"If you're American. Messing with your credit score That crap will haunt you for life."


"Does it not get wiped in America? In U.K. old debts get wiped after 6 yrs no contact (you mustn’t ever have admitted the debt/agreed to a payment plan etc... or the 6 yrs starts again from that date) Then u start off again building credit."


Drugs. Stay away from hard drugs. All of them. Be careful out there.

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