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Heaven forbid, if a burglar breaks into your home, what do you think they are likely looking to steal?

The usual suspects like the Bose speakers from your home theater system or expensive family heirlooms could be likely targets.

But there must be something you place much value on that you know the thieves aren't likely to pilfer.

Curious to hear from strangers on the internet about what those might be, Redditor woomy-jpg asked:

"Someone breaks into your house, what are they definitely NOT stealing?"

If it's part of the home, it's probably staying that way.

Custom Built Fixtures

"My game table. My friend built-in in the room and we realized it won't fit through any doors."


Used For Getting In

"Probably wouldn't bother stealing my spare house keys, they clearly already have a better way in."


Doorknob, Duh



"They cant get your fingerprints if theres nothing left to get fingerprints from."


alice in wonderland doorknob GIF Giphy

Pets or things having to do with furry companions are better left at home.

Four-Legged Guard

"my dog. He's 95 lbs and draws blood on strangers coming into the house. Also my couch. I love it but it's been destroyed by the cat."


Skittish Kitty

"My cat would be kind of difficult to steal since she is very afraid of strangers and no one would need that useless furball anyway."


No, Thanks

"Cat litter boxes (although it would be nice if they at least cleaned them.)"


"Protip if you package cat litter and leave it on your porch, it's very likely a porch pirate will steal it without thinking."


The following are specific honorable mentions.

Find The Clicker

"TV remote - if you can find it it's yours."


No Time To Reflect

"My mirror, I think the guilt of seeing themselves would be too much."


smash laid to rest GIF by Shudder Giphy

The Stiff

"My old deer head from when they, I don't know who first learned taxidermy."

"Look at the mouth."


What You Can't See

"My dignity. Pick a different house, criminals."


My prized possessions are my framed photographs.

They are glimpses of all facets of my life, including family, career, and travels around the world.

Other than printing costs and the frames that are both standalone and hung on walls, my pictures hold no value other than being sentimental.

I have a pretty good feeling those won't be going anywhere.

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