Men Break Down Which Phrases They Hate Hearing From Women

Oh, the things people say.

Sometimes you wonder if people have the capability to think before they speak.

It's an especially thorny issue in relationships.

Redditor Human02211979 wanted men to share about the things they're over women saying, so they asked:

"What's a phrase men hate hearing from women?"

I don't dabble with the ladies.

I feel like I'm about to be glad about that.


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“'Do you know why I pulled you over?'”


"It depends on how long you were following me."


Just Pick!

"The food thing."

"'I'm not hungry or you pick... but not there not there not there not there or there.'"

"It's one of the most widely joked about relationship tropes... but it has to be one of the truest. I watched two married friends this weekend almost lose it over this lol."


"Frustrating for anyone in a relationship whose partner does this. I'm a woman and my male fiancée can't make a decision about food to save his life, almost literally. If you put him in a room with his 2 favorite foods and told him he can't eat until he chooses one, he would starve to death. It makes me freaking crazy."


Not Good Enough

“'They couldn’t handle me.'”

"Relationships are about building each other up, not constantly having to deal with the other person’s attitude or poor behavior/mental health. This is not as much of a flex as a lot of people think it is and raises major red flags for me."


"Dude this is so true, God *amn its true. These type of girls who say that are ONLY trouble and have no insight to why they act like they do. Its mental."



"'How can you not think anything, you must be hiding something.'"


"I mean sometimes it’s nothing but most of the time 'nothing' is just a random situation that makes no sense that I’m thinking of in my mind. I don’t know why I’m trying to think which animal would be the best drift racer and I don’t know where to start explaining the thought process behind it or how I even got there."


Say Nothing

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"'Do you like my friend?' Because it always ends up in an argument either way."


Oh that is a dangerous setup.

It's a Trap

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"'Tell me what you are thinking. Do I look fat? Be honest.'"


"'As a modern woman, you do not need a man to validate your self-image. Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself whether or not you look fat.'"


Start Over

"Are you even listening to me, and I think to myself what a weird way to start a conversation."


"I sometimes forget that whenever my boyfriend is doing something like reading the paper, I have to get his attention BEFORE I start talking. Often ends in me talking for a minute before noticing an all too familiar blank stare on his face which prompts the question 'did you get any of that?' and then he repeats the last three words in an unsure cadence. Then I start from the beginning, lol."



“'How are you still single, you’re a great guy?' Hear it a bunch from some women friends of mine. I always just brush it off but kinda stings a bit more each time."


"I lived in a big house with lots of roommates. We had this big vent one night. We were going to go bar hopping but all the girls vented about how often they were bothered and hit on at bars. How they needed to go in groups to feel safe. And they never could go to just have fun with each other."

"2 weeks later I mentioned how frustrating dating can be at group dinner. There was a communal laugh about how easy it was. 'Literally just go to any bar.'"


Not my Owner

"Thankfully my current girlfriend doesn’t do this but don’t ever say you 'trained' your boyfriend or even friend to do something. Friendships and relationships are a great way to have a different perspective and take things on in different ways. To say you trained your friend or boyfriend is incredibly dehumanizing and makes you seem incredibly narcissistic and manipulative. Plus, you didn’t 'train' your boyfriend to use conditioner, you just made him realize that even though he doesn’t think it’s significant in his value system, it isn’t worth the fact you keep bugging him about it."


Oh Lord

Come On Man GIF by IdentityGiphy

"'I was thinking...'"

"Whenever my wife says that means I'm gonna be doing something that I don't want to."


"And it's always 'I was thinking we should...' There's no WE here, just come out and tell me what I will be doing."


Know your warning signs gents...

Anything else anyone would like to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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