People Share Their Best 'Does This Person Live Under A Rock?' Experiences
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We all know a person or two or fifty who can leave us with our jaws on the floor with the words that fall from their mouths.

Some people are just... well, you know.

I've lost count of the amount of people I've encountered where I wondered... "What rock did you crawl out of?"

I once met a person who asked what a "Beyonce" was.

How does one respond to that?

Redditor Joako_o47 wanted to hear about the individuals we've met that have left us a bit stunned by their... naivete. They asked:

"What did someone say that made you think he/she lives under a rock?"

I've waited tables, so let me tell you... the under the rock people outnumber us. We're in trouble.

And Fruits?

Hot Shots Idiot GIFGiphy

"In referring to travelling outside of the country: 'do they have vegetables there?"'


“Sounds good!”

"I worked for a pizza delivery store. Had a lady call up, asked for delivery. I asked for her address, and she said she wasn’t going to tell me. So I asked, how are we supposed to deliver to you if we don’t know where you are? She says she doesn’t know what her address is. So I say, again, how do you expect us to deliver to you if we can’t find you? She says that if I won’t take her order, then she’ll just call someplace else. And I said, 'Sounds good!' and hung up."


Get a Map!

"'Isn't Mexico in Europe?' (this was in an higher education History class when we were learning about 1920's America). This was in a school in London, England."


"Alternatively, I knew someone who was a sophomore in high school and genuinely thought Mexico was a part of the US, and this was during the 2016 election. That fact could not have been made more clear."


Different Places

“'France?! I thought you were going to Paris?!”'


"As a french person this is hilarious because we do, in fact, like to insist that Paris and France are two completely different places. LOL."

"This is because France tends to be too centralized in Paris. Paris is the economic capital, Paris is the legal capital, 1/7 of the popultation lives in Paris, an insane share of national news are just happening in Paris, etc French people out of Paris tend to jokingly say that Paris is not France because life in Paris can be very different from life anywhere else in France."


Poor Isaac


"It was lunch and I hear 2 girls talking, they were basically havin' a normal conversation until one of them said 'Can we talk about how useless gravity is like why did Isaac Newton even create it?' The girl she was talking to laughed and called her stupid while I chuckle."


What's really scary is that some of these people drive and operate heavy machinery.


Happy Good Morning GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsGiphy

"My favorite was an American couple visiting my homeland Scotland and the guy asked 'Wow you have coffee here? How long have you had it? Have you tried it yet?' My answer 'Yeah it's been a few months at least, I have tried it but I don't like it, it's very bitter and gritty it gets stuck in my teeth. Like what..."


Really Sherlock?

"Was talking about stuff with a close friend and we got onto the topic of money and growing up. This guy lived very comfortably, custom built pool and house w/add on. Had a nice car, good parental unit, etc etc... and he told me poverty didn’t exist straight to my face. After I told him I grew up in poverty, and he was very serious. his reasoning??"

'"No one can live comfortably on that little amount of cash. yeah, no shi* Sherlock.' I figured he was probably really sheltered so I tried to educate him about it and how it is very possible and how many people live it, but he refused to listen to me lol."


Know History

"Had an in-depth discussion with an Amish guy once, he didn’t know what the Holocaust was."


"Most people, even those that know of the Holocaust, don't know the whole story. The vast majority of the Nazi regime's victims were Jews, Sinti-Roma peoples, and Slavs but victims also encompassed people identified as social outsiders in the Nazi worldview, such as homosexuals, and political enemies."

"According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), the Holocaust was 'the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jewish men, women and children by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.' In addition, 11 million members of other groups were murdered during the "era of the Holocaust. Learn More"



"I was telling a co-worker that I'm from Transylvania originally, and she brought up Dracula because of course. Somehow the mention of Vlad Tepes came up and another co-worker invited herself to the conversation, telling me that the real Frankenstein was also from there. The crap I learn about my homeland sometimes... Next time they'll tell me it's where the white walkers came from originally when Sauron waged a war against Aladdin."


Sure. Ok.

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"Roommate in university, shouting from the other room to ask for help on a paper she was writing with a completely sincere question:"

"'The Holocaust was in World War 3, right?'"


It's Real

"Back when the original Walking With Dinosaurs came out I was remarking on how great the effects were/how real they looked (it was 1999). My aunt, who was in her 50s at the time said 'Ohh, I thought they’d found a place.' She thought it was real."


"I showed my 4y/o cousin Walking with Dinosaurs and I convinced him that a camera crew actually time travelled lol. Such a great documentary series."


Do you hear them?

"I have so many. But one that really was a facepalm moment. I had to describe to a 60 something year old man, what a cricket was. As in the insect, cricket. I live in the US where crickets are everywhere. I'm like, how does a person in the US, not know what a cricket is?"


"I live on an urban area in the U S, and I've certainly seen plenty of crickets (and tried to find ones who were hiding in my bedroom and chirping through the night)."



"Went on a day trip to Washington DC with a friend and acquaintance. The acquaintance saw a community of homeless people living out of tents and said, 'oh that’s nice they’re camping out!'"


“in the movies”

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"My friend asked if I lived under a rock because 1- I didn’t know what froyo was until I was 17 2- I thought Krispy Kreme was just a Hollywood 'in the movies' kinda thing 3- I thought extinction meant to revive an animal or human (CPR)."


With BBQ?

"I'm in medical school. A classmate genuinely thought that males have one fewer rib than females, based on how Eve was created from Adam's rib in Genesis 2."



"When I was a kid my friend had a paper route and I'd help him a couple times a week. He had introduced me to Nirvana and he let me borrow every album. After I finished 'In Utero' the next day while I was helping him with his paper route, I asked him when Kurt Cobain's next album was coming out. He said 'dyslexic__redditor, Kurt Cobain has been dead for a while. Nirvana isn't releasing any more albums.'"


Atom Power

atom GIFGiphy

"I had a friend/coworker and we were watching TV back when the nuclear power plant in Fukushima got hit by earthquake/Tsunami. There was a lot of uncertainty about the damage and what will happen and they showed one of the reactor block. He looks at it and then asks me: 'so this is where the atoms are stored?'"

"(In germany we say Atomkraftwerk [atom power plant].) It was very awkward that a grown man did not know what an atom is/means."


In Canada

"A dude I'm friends with was playing a video game that takes place in Canada. I asked if he was currently in British Columbia and he said 'No. This is in Canada you idiot.' Me and the Canadian guy in our discord then laughed at him for awhile. Had to show him a map before he believed it actually was in Canada. In his defense, he knows not to listen to anything we say normally as we're a bunch of trolls."



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"'I know why rainbow coloured butt-monkeys changed their name to Finger Eleven. It's because we don't really know how many fingers monkeys have.'"

"Completely serious statement made by a university educated person."


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