People Break Down Their Absolute Worst Roommate Horror Stories

Messy living room in an apartment.
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Sharing a home with a roommate is always a balancing act.

Particularly if it's a roommate you settled for, rather than chose to live with.

While some roommates proved to be a match made in rent-controlled heaven, others find themselves to be less than compatible.

From constantly having to clean the dirty dishes they left in the sink, to dealing with them blasting music on full blast at all hours of the night when you're trying to sleep, some people never manage to jump from being roommates to being friends.

Making the day they can finally afford a place of their own to be truly the happiest day of their lives.

Redditor g_man25227 was eager to hear stories of roommates people couldn't wait to say goodbye to, leading them to ask:
"What made your worst roommate ever such a bad roommate?"

With Friends Like These...

"Was a slob who got into drugs and hanging around the wrong sorts of people."

"Completely trashed his room and took off one day leaving his dog he had just gotten behind for me to deal with, along with a bunch of unscrupulous-looking characters knocking at my door telling me that he owed them money and asking where he was."- Electro-Onix

Well That's Disgusting...

"She stole, wore, stained, and destroyed my fancy frilly underwear and then returned them stained and tattered to my drawer and played stupid about it."

"I discovered this by finding my underwear in her laundry basket when I was tearing apart the room going 'what is that SMELL?!''

"I was allowed to change rooms by the school."- CaffeinatedHBIC

Animal Endangerment

"Had a weekend getaway planned, confirmed a couple of weeks in advance that she could take care of my cat while I was gone (side note: she had a cat too.)"

"Before I left, re-confirmed that she would be around and could take care of them."

"Wasn't uncommon for me to do all the kitty duties, which I didn't mind at all, but because I was used to being on top of it I wanted to make sure she had it under control."

"Got back after 3 days and clearly no one had been in the apartment for at least a couple of days."

"Cats had no water or food and had been clawing at the door enough to chip a bunch of the paint off of it."

"I texted her and asked if she had watched the cats, she replied that she decided to stay with her boyfriend for the weekend, completely oblivious to the fact that she had abandoned two helpless animals."

"I asked if she realized the cats hadn't had food or water in a few days, she replied 'oh, they're just cats, they are fine'."

"I asked her to move out and also if I could keep her cat because I was worried about her ability to take care of another creature, both of which she agreed to."

"Some next level loser a**hole sh*t to do that to creatures that are dependent upon you to survive."- basicallyasleep

The Zoo

"Rented a room from a neighbor who let me live there cheaply when I had nowhere else to go."

"Her house was pretty dirty due to her physical limitations from being very obese, but I tried to keep common areas clean."

"Her adult son lived there."

"The worse part was her 25-year-old daughter."

"Immature, entitled, thought she was god’s gift."

"She’d leave blood and pubes all over the bathroom. She’d have sex with her bedroom door open. She was always arguing/disrespecting her mom."

"But the worst part was how she treated her pets."

"She loved to rave about her 'zoo', but her mom had to take care of her dog, cat, and several birds."

"The dog was untrained and it peed on my bed and barked when I was trying to sleep."

"The mom would go out of town sometimes to a family beach house."

"One time she was gone awhile I noticed the dog’s water bowl was always empty."

"So I kept filling it back up."

"Then I realized that the house was pretty quiet."

"She had cockatiels and conures, so the house was never quiet."

"So I went to check them."

'The bowls were bone dry and empty seeds."

"And 2 of the birds were dead."

"I was so happy to finally get out of there."- lalapine

Well, That's A Decision...

"In the middle of a 100F heatwave in August, not only turned off the AC, but turned the heat on."

"To 90F."

"Even at the coldest days of winter, has no one turned the heat to freaking 90."

"Came home to a sauna, and she didn't even stay after she did that."- LeatherHog

Questionable Practice...

"They were drug dealers and they liked to work from home."- Ok_Whatever_Buddy

Did They Think They Would Clean Themselves?

"We had a shared kitchen, the 3 of us, we had cleaning schedules but they never followed it, they just piled it up until it was my turn."

"After numerous complaints that I was the only one cleaning I stopped cleaning."

"3weeks later there was rotten food and fungi all over the kitchen and even a cockroach infestation."

"A cleaning company had to be hired, the costs of which spread over the people living there."

"I objected the bill on grounds of my earlier complaints, they didn’t argue and I did not have to pay."

"I even got compensation for eating out every night, they got kicked out a week later."

"Was a win for me eventually but a horrible time before that."- Mezame_Drgn

Anything But Trustworthy...

"Tried to set the rest of us up for a pot bust after he got caught."- roadfood

Health And Safty? Meh...

"My favorite: She would come in drunk at 2am, turn on all the lights, leaving either her keys in the front door lock, or just leave the door wide open and then pass out in the living room."

"Good times!"- cerart939

Three's A Crowd...

"His girlfriend basically moved in immediately after he did."

"She was nice enough but adding another person to a tiny 2-bed apartment sucks."- beachfun2525

Grand Exit...

"Sh*t in the oven before moving out."- Longearedlooby

Contributed Literally Nothing

"He got into drugs, quit working, and quit paying rent three months into a year-long lease."

"Then he started letting his drug buddies sleep over and they ate all the food I bought."

"So I couldn't keep groceries in the house."

'Then they went through my room looking for things to steal."

"I ended up having to forcibly take away the apartment key and get a second job to make the rent."

"After months of stress, I worked 80 hours a week for eight months because of that b@stard."- luthurian

Consent Was Necessary

"Found out the dude was keeping his webcam running when he was out."

"Being secretly filmed was kinda f’d up."- O_vJust

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