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People Divulge Their Absolute Worst Roommate Experiences

Reddit user Jman1994678 asked: 'What’s the worst experience you’ve had with a roommate?'

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If you've been living in harmony with roommates, consider yourselves lucky.

That's not the case for everyone sharing a space together.

Even friends who mutually want to save money by becoming roommates can be a total disaster.

Idiosyncratic behavior and bad habits that were never apparent before can surface once living arrangements are finalized.

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Sharing a home with a roommate is always a delicate situation.

Whether it's one of your closest friends, or someone you only met through newspaper ads or referrals, maintaining a harmonious living situation can be challenging.

As long as all residents do their share of the chores, keep common living spaces clean, and are respectful of noise, it's not so hard to get along.

In some cases, however, people find themselves running to a studio apartment, possibly smaller than their bedroom, owing to how truly unbearable their roommates are to live with.

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Sharing a home with a roommate is always a balancing act.

Particularly if it's a roommate you settled for, rather than chose to live with.

While some roommates proved to be a match made in rent-controlled heaven, others find themselves to be less than compatible.

From constantly having to clean the dirty dishes they left in the sink, to dealing with them blasting music on full blast at all hours of the night when you're trying to sleep, some people never manage to jump from being roommates to being friends.

Making the day they can finally afford a place of their own to be truly the happiest day of their lives.

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Roommates are a part of life, and chances are you’ve had a roommate at least once.

Sometimes, your roommate is a family member — perhaps you shared your childhood bedroom with a sibling. Sometimes, it’s a friend. It’s likely you shared a dorm room with a friend in college. And other times, it’s a complete stranger who you only shared a living space with in order to save on rent.

Whatever the case, having a roommate is sure to make for some interesting experiences. Some of these experiences are good, and some are bad, but one thing is for sure: they’re all unforgettable!

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People Describe The Absolute Worst Roommate They've Ever Had
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At one point or another, many of us had to cohabitate with strangers.

It was a small sacrifice to pay in order to save money for tuition or to acclimate after moving to a new city.

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