People With Pornography Addiction Describe The Moment They Realized They Had A Problem

People With Pornography Addiction Describe The Moment They Realized They Had A Problem
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Pornography can be healthy.

But in moderation.

And therein lies the problem.

Pornography has become a problem for many people.

So how do you recognize the signs when you think it may be having a negative impact?

And where do you go from there?

Redditor Miix_ wanted to see who was willing to fess up about their relationships with pornography, so they asked:

"People with a porn addiction, how did you realize you had it?"


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"Watched them even when not horny."


"I sometimes watch it while I'm eating like I'm watching a Netflix show."


Sleep First

"I looked up addiction one time and it said stuff along the lines of 'Causes lack of sleep, worse performance at work/life due to thinking about said thing, and depression.' All those boxes were checked so now I know. I just don't know how to take care of it."


Can't Stop

"When I wanted to stop watching it, but I kept going back to watching even though I wanted to stop."


"Same, that and because I only know it was father's day because pornhub had a premium promotion."


"Yeah when you're at the point of 'I want to fight the urge, but it takes too much energy, so i'll just let it go on and figure it out later,' that's when you're addicted in my opinion (experienced it myself)."


Cold Turkey

"I went to Turkey 🇹🇷 and tried to access my favourites. They blocked virtually all porn. It ruined my vacation, I left early."

"I checked myself into therapy and just quit. I have had some relapses, but I now have a support system and a mentor. I will be back to two years porn-free April 17th."


"Turkish person here! Congratulations on getting your life back, and hope you revisit the country!"



"I couldn't get erect with my girlfriend and I preferred porn over sex."


"The s**t ain't worth it. I now use my imagination or just physical touch when I crack off. It's healthy sexuality. Porn is just escapism and isn't real."


Not being able to be with a loved one is a big red flag.


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"I thought about watching porn basically everytime, sexualized almost every women I saw and I used it as a dopamin rush every time I felt a down."



"Actually, I heard this story from someone else (it happened to them): So this girl hooked up with a guy and in the middle of the hook up he takes out his phone and watches porn. Yeah, that’s how bad addictions could go, it’s horrible."


"I've read interviews with female pornstars talking about how the guys have to watch porn to stay hard while they're literally having sex with pornstars. Like they have to stop the scene and they have to get out their phone and watch porn for a little bit to continue. Crazy."



"I had no interest anymore in real life. it felt underwhelming."


"I appreciate you posting this, because I feel like it’s exactly what my partner is going through. Of course, it’s a vicious cycle because he goes back to it when he’s feeling bad and then it just continues getting worse. I have no idea how to help him stop the cycle."


Ladies Too

"Planning every daily event around when I could get back and watch porn. Reading smut while at the park with my kids. And finally getting caught by my Mother in law. This is from a ladies perspective because we can definitely have a porn addiction too."


We applaud these folks for addressing they may have an issue and taking the steps the need to address it.

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