Experts Who Have Been Challenged By Amateurs Explain What Happened
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Sometimes it's just best to keep your mouth shut. However, it's always best to never be cocky or at least to know the difference between confidence and arrogance. We have no idea what secret powers others hold. And even if we are really great at something, it's best to be humble. We can still kick someone's butt in whatever joust is thrown down though, just be nice about it, before you get slammed.

Redditor u/LightPancake914 wanted to know who has accidentally overstepped a few times by asking...

People of Reddit, has someone ever challenged you to something you are an expert at without them knowing? If so, how did it turn out?

Yes....  I enjoyed that day!​ 

"I remember once in high school, there was an assembly in front of the entire school. Can't remember the exact topic, but at one point the teacher pulls up a slide showing the village in Wales with a 58 letter name (Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch)."

"Then he points straight at me and says 'can you say that?' obviously thinking whoever he points at is not gunna be able to do it. Little did he know that my dad had been able to say it as one of his party tricks, and had been teaching me for years."

"Yes.... I enjoyed that day!" KormaKameleon88

Fly Away.


"Guy told me all about how airplanes work, which planes are good, which are bad, you name it. Talked for an hour while sitting at the airport"

"I'm an airline pilot." Washout22

The Mario Experts.

"My 9-year-old cousin challenged me to a round of Mario Kart (whatever the latest iteration is, he got it last Christmas). After thoroughly handing his ass to him, I pointed out to him that I've been playing the game since before he was born." stealmyrecords

"My nephew tried this shit. he was doing 50cc races and winning and thought he could take me. the fool! I've been playing Mario kart since the beginning, even before his FATHER was alive!"EricTheRedCanada


"Tetris. A version for Nintendo DS exists where you can link up via download, your cleared lines get sent to the other players screen, so it's a battle. The only other difference is you get a faster drop option."

"Freshman in college, on a trip and my friend was pretty confident (and determined) he could beat me at a game."

"34 undefeated games, just with him, and almost 2 hours determined that was a lie. People started taking turns after he gave up. Still undefeated." NeonNintendo



"In my first few weeks of this deployment, I was challenged to chess matches pretty frequently, but nobody wants to play me anymore :("

"I grew up playing chess. I've played against my dad a million times and only ever beaten him twice. As of a couple years ago I started teaching my son how to play. As a 2nd grader, he was whooping 4th grader asses at chess. Good times." Judoka229

"Was out at a bar once and a dude challenged me to game off chess. Im by no means professional at it or even good, but I'm good enough to the point where i can beat anyone that doesn't really play chess. In his drunk mind i was a grandmaster." luddoro

Stay Humble. 

"Not a challenge, but when I was in 5th grade, I was the fastest kid in school. Our school went from K-8 and every year we had our own track meet and the kids who placed in the top three in each category would represent the school in the countywide track meet. 5th-8th grade competed against each other at our school."

"I won every single race by quite a stretch. I have always been fast and have been challenged to race and won every single time. When I went to the countywide meet, I was pretty brash and even my classmates were talking trash to the other schools."

"I came in 4th in the 100 yd dash, 5th in the 50 yard dash. I learned that day not to be cocky and that I actually needed to train and not rely on talent alone." duckmunch

"As an infantry Marine, especially in weapons platoon, you get really good at spades. And I mean, really good."

"I left the Marine Corps and worked very briefly at a jail where I met another Marine, even better, a mortarman. We never discussed spades, nor played together at any time."

"2 of the old deputies wanted to play one night and said they were the best and no one could beat them. Since most people have never played spades, nor have a lot of people heard of it, they were surprised when me and the other former Marine knew how to play."

Devil Dogs....

"We went over the rules to make sure the different play styles were addressed and then one person decided to bet us. They lost at an overwhelming pace. Where it started to feel bad on how fast and easily we were winning. We didn't even speak to each other, but read each other's mind while playing."

"Man do I miss playing spades with a bunch of war fighting devil dogs everyday." TOWonthewire1

Play Hard.


"I play rugby in a club. Not really a pro but I can pull out a few moves and I definitely know how to tackle someone. A friend of mine challenged me to make him fall on the ground so I did a cathedral (I don't know if it's the right word, English, basically it's when you do a tackle but instead of taking him down to the ground the fastest way possible, you lift him first to make him recoil a bit before putting him on the ground) to him and he never asked me again." dixthemean


"I used to play this game called StepMania (Think Dance Dance Revolution but with keyboard instead of a mat) all the time and was actually really good at it, but only 1 friend of mine knew. Another friend of mine was showing off how "good" he was in this new game he had been playing for a couple of weeks and dared us to beat him."

"I had only dreamt of such a moment before but that moment was finally there after about 10 years and he got absolutely destroyed." bananapiece123

A Bird Duel. 

"My girlfriend's sister kind of challenged me to a flipping the bird duel. For some time we flipped each other off unsuspectedly in creative ways. After a while I decided to send her a letter with a card I made. When you opened the card a printed finger unfolded and rose up like a Santa Claus in a christmas card. I didn't sign it or anything. She kept the card and has it to this day. She told me she was really surprised and curious about getting a real letter via traditional mail. According to her boyfriend her reaction was berserk laughter. I won." graablikk

15 Love.


"I got challenged to a tennis match by a house mate during dinner."

"He thought that because I was fat he would beat me easily."

"After some deliberately condescending comments from me he got agitated and we settled on a bet; loser runs home naked (about 2miles through the city)"

"I was indeed fatter than him, my freshman fifteen had become a thirty."

"I also had 12 years of competitive tennis under my belt."

"Nothing spectacular in terms of talent, I had just liked the game a lot, but certainly enough skill to send his skinny butt walking."

"I almost died laughing after the first game already because he was terrible at tennis, wtf was he thinking?" FeverTreat

Olympic Challenge. 

"Classmate challenged me to a handstand contest not knowing that i've been a gymnast for 19 years. Got $100 and bragging rights." growingtohatemyself

"Haha I was going to share a similar story. I was in gymnastics for a couple of years when I was a kid so I can still do cartwheels and handstands and I'm also pretty flexible. But now I'm pretty overweight so at a crossfit gym recently the trainer was convinced I couldn't do a simple handstand leaning against the wall and when I told him I could he was like ya okay sure show me. So I cartwheeled over to a wall and did a handstand and held it for at least 30 seconds." its_julz

Not in my House! 

"My nephews thought they could bring smash into MY HOUSE?!"

"oh you picked Fox? Uncle you must have never played this before have you hahaha, he's not very good"

"They don't want to play video games with mean uncle anymore after not being allowed to touch the ground." manaworkin

Pok-e Master. 

"I did some student teaching in a middle school, and some of my kids challenged me to a Pokémon trivia contest. I wiped the whole entire floor with them. Casuals." SomeGuyInShorts

"Dumb fool middle schoolers. They don't know about the Pokémon masters of the 90s." nzcnzcnz

The Lefty!


"It's pretty well known that I'm good at tenpin bowling. On a work trip recently, my coworkers drunkenly decided to challenge me to a game - 'and to make it fair, you can only bowl with your left hand!'"

"I beat them solidly."

"(Am left handed.)" seven_seacat

Dead or Alive. 

"At the end of a party a colleague of mine took out his Xbox and asked with a large grin if we wanted to play the fighting game Dead or Alive."

"I was obsessed with it when I was younger but never told anyone I even play video-game. He didn't took a single round with his best character while I was drunkenly playing random characters."

"I even let someone else that never played the game before win a round to screw off my colleague." Ntghgthdgdcrtdtrk

Speed ice skating!

"Speed ice skating! There was this really douchey guy in our group of friends who felt the need to show me up one night when a bunch of us were skating. I had played hockey growing up, unbeknownst to him, so I agreed to his challenge to race. After I lapped him (a few times) he just started laughing at himself realizing how cocky he had been. Turns out he was actually a really kind and caring guy, just so socially inept that it came across as rude. We became pretty good friends and I remember during a really bad flu i missed a few events and he was the only one who thought to call me up and see how i was doing. He got married recently and I couldn't be happier for him!" JillandherHillsJillandherHills

I destroyed her!!

"When Pokemon ultra sun and moon came out I bought sun, my niece bought moon. I am 32 and have played since I was a little guy, she was a first time player. After a couple months of playing she cockily challenges me to a battle, like constant trash talk... I destroyed her. Like not even close to being close. As the battle ends I look up in triumph and she is crying. Like shaking crying. She throws her DS down and runs off to her room. I felt like the biggest fool in the world." wham-alama-dingdong

"Indeed you do"

"At a social gathering, a guy that claimed to be a "music maven" <his words> talked on and on about J.S. Bach's Symphony No. 9, "Ode to Joy."

"Without mentioning that I taught music history, I simply remarked that Bach was a baroque composer and never wrote any symphonies - that "Ode to Joy" was Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, not Bach's."

"He emphatically said, "Well, I know what I know."

"And, as I described here in askreddit some time ago, I simply replied, "Indeed you do," and let it drop." Back2Bach



"I mean, I would hope that they know I'm an expert on food, since they came to a nice restaurant where I'm the sous chef."

"But a small portion of the guests refuse to admit that they are wrong. The most memorable story is the rare seabass. This woman insisted that she wanted rare seabass, even after I told her that seabass doesn't have a temperature gradient like steak... it's either cooked or it's sushi."

"She complained that it was raw in the middle. No crap, lady." cscott024

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