People Share The Things People Underestimate The Actual Size Of

People Share The Things People Underestimate The Actual Size Of
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Size matters.

Get your mind out of the gutter people.

I'm talking on a grander scale.

We think we know how big something is, but we're always shocked to discover actual size.

Redditorzioooo_wanted to get the measuring stick for all of us to make some adjustments.

They asked:

"What's something people don't realize the actual size of until they stand next to it?"

I'm always stunned by buildings. Buildings are always big but then there are BIG buildings.

Water Peeps

"Manta rays. I recently saw one at an aquarium, and I was blown away by the size. I’d always assumed they were about the size of stingrays or so. Nope, those suckers are the size of a small car."


Watching Manta Ray GIFGiphy


"Any pit mining equipment. It’s insane!"


"My husband used to work at a steel mill and they use a lot of mining equipment like front end loaders and such that are massive but there was one vehicle that looked to be the size of a two story house and I can't remember what it was. The pot carrier is also terrifying because the driver is moving around with a pot of molten steel over the cab."


gentle giants...

"Giraffes! Worked with them and they are gentle giants but it’s crazy that they’re the size they are. You know they’re big and tall, but then you stand next to one and you’re like... damn, I can walk under through his legs and my head won’t even touch his belly."


You are HUGE!

"A moose."


"Yes! Omg I was so shocked when I saw one in person the first time. Mostly because it was on a residential road and it startled me. But also because I always pictured them to be like a very large deer or something, but it was closer to the size of an elephant than a deer!"



"One of the stones which make up the Great Pyramid of Giza."


art loop GIF by Blobby BarackGiphy

I wanna see the pyramids so bad. Then climb to the top.


"Wind turbines are bigger than expected when standing next to it. And Mount Rushmore is way smaller than I expected."


States Selfie GIF by Ethan BarnowskyGiphy

Drifting in the Wind

"Round hay bales."


"I like it when they use white and pink wrapping on hay bales. It looks like giant marshmallows dotted across the countryside."


"When my kids were little, I told them that the round hay bales were mommy hohos. The ones we bought at the grocery store were baby hohos. Dang, now I want a hobo."


On the Highway

"Highway signs are much larger than you might expect."


"Highway lines as well. I live on a rural highway that has two lanes and I have to cross it to get to my mailbox. They are like seven feet long. Also the rumble strips along the side of the road are bigger than my size 12 foot."


I've seen plenty of big things...

"The Taj Mahal. I had seen the pictures and I've seen plenty of big things, it's by no means the biggest (I actually saw the Burj Khalifa less than a week before the Taj Mahal). What blows your mind though is the massive scale as it contrasts with the extremely fine detail. I mean it's an absolutely massive building and the detail work is unreal. Really mind bending and the pictures don't do it justice."


Big Men

"An NFL lineman. I literally bumped into Josh Sweat of the Eagles a few years back in a grocery store (felt like hitting a concrete pillar) and I really cannot put into words how freaking huge these people are."


sweating red wings GIFGiphy

I always thought traffic lights were suspicious. I'd be afraid if they fell.

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