People Shine A Light On Which Professions Are Completely Overpaid
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People need to make money.

Just the world we live in, there's no way around it. You go out, live that hustle, and earn that paycheck.

Right? Because sometimes it feels like some people find a job that feels just a little easier than what we have to do. How do you explain getting paid for doing, essentially, nothing?

These people have the answers.

Reddit user, QueenCreeper786, wanted to know who gets more than what they're worth when they asked:

Which job is 100% overpaid?

Some jobs ask so little of you. Show up, make the coffee, make sure nothing catches fire, then collect your massive paycheck.

How much easier can it get?

Playing Video Games On The Job Is Always Great

"My last job in college, before starting my career. I was an overnight shelter staff for transitional housing. Since these clients were basically back up on their feet by the time they arrived, they were pretty self-sufficient. I was paid about 25% higher than other night-shift jobs I could get at the time, and on most nights all I had to do was make one pot of coffee."

"The rest of the time I could watch TV, play video games, do personal chores, etc… The one job that I know was better was their overnight sleeper, since we had to have two staff at all times. As implied, this dude made a well-above minimum wage rate to just sleep there on the weekends."


Crosswords, All Day, Every Day

"My mom once got a job as a civilian contractor working for the federal government. She was an accountant, and they put her in the department that managed a certain kind of ICBM... that had just been slated for destruction as part of one of the big arms-reduction treaties in the mid-80s. She had a computer at her desk but didn't have login info to use it, so she spent her days doing crosswords. Whatever that job paid, it was definitely overpaid."


Takes A Lot To Get That Gold Jacket


"Me: I need to pay off a bond for 20-30 years with blood sweat and tears."

"realtor: 'sells' house in couple of weeks by sending couple of emails, gives tour of house. "yeah, like I'm gonna need like 5-10% commission of that 30 years"


...A Bit Stressful?


"$200-$400/hr and I still have to check all your work and herd the group of you like a bunch of goddamn cats? And cater your lunch? And nothing is going to be on time for my client because your documentation is all a** backwards?"

"In other news, I'm in the middle of a very stressful construction project at work."


Certain careers don't feel real, as if everything revolving around the responsibilities of the career seem fake. ​

Taking Teaching To The Masses


"They are the people who spent two years in the classroom, couldn't handle it, then started some online blog/following with some appealing catchphrase. They get paid $3000+ per speaking gig that districts fork up and force teachers to listen to."


When Even Your Employees Don't Know Why They're Getting Paid...

"I work in digital marketing as an account manager. All I do is respond to emails and Skype people all day. I make over $100k a year just relaying stuff in emails and Skypes. We generate leads off co-registration sites like the crap where you can win a gift card if you spin the wheel then answer a million questions and your data is sold 10 times. It's all bullsh-t and I have no idea why it pays so much."


All You Have To Do Is Get Up!

"Life/motivation/ blah blah coaches, these people haven't done sh-t in their whole life, but they go and preach like saints. A--holes. One of my relative paid around 135$ for a session and learnt nothing but what's already available."


You're Playing A Game

"College football coaches. They should not be the highest paid public employee in any state"


And then there's these.

With The Right Family, In The Right Neighborhood, On The Right Night, Absolutely

"One night I babysat three kids for about 2 hours or so. The kids went to bed when I got there, and the parents had left dinner out for me, so all I did was eat their food and watch their TV and pet their dogs."

"When they got home the mom paid me $100. I told her that was way too much. She slurred "Don't worry about it, I'm drunk." And then I noticed her fly was down."

"So that was the most over paid job ever lol."


The Power Of Money Compels You

"Televangelists preachers."

"University sports coaches"


"The question is about real jobs, not scams.Famous Televangelists nowadays are pretty much scams and it doesn't matter which religion you're talking about because all of them do the same thing."



"Jim Bakker and Jerry Falwell enter the chat from 1973 and 1971"


What's That Slogan Everyone Chants? Eat The Something...?



"In the 70s, CEOs were paid about 15 times the average worker salary. Now there are CEOs making 300-500x their average employee."

"Some might be worth it (thinking someone who is revolutionary and/or a market creator), but most aren't."

"And their exit packages can be crazy."


Make money however you can, so long as you're not stomping on anyone else's dreams along the way.

And so long as you're doing something real? Is that what we're supposed to learn?

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