In the immortal words of Ms. Britney Spears... Oops I did it again. Well, who hasn't? In this time of Covid we've been forced to meet over computer screens and thrive in ZOOM meetings. This is not a conducive way to live. Maybe I'm an eight hundred year old man, but I can't figure it all out and I don't care. I can't get the video to work, let alone the audio. And I've lost track of the "groups" that I keep mixing up. Can you imagine sharing in your Zumba class the thoughts you had about plotting to kill your boss that only your therapist was meant to hear? Just me?

Redditor u/SidneyRL wanted to know who, besides us, has dialed into the wrong number while dealing with online discussions, especially this last year. They asked... What's was your most embarrassing "oops wrong chat" moment?

Even in the best of times wires are always crossed. In this current time of the screen we have to be diligent to not send the wrong text to the wrong lover. It's all too confusing. But mishaps are inevitable. So the people on this list are clearly feeling the stress.


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Sent my teacher "hey baby u up?"

Let me Tell you about "Her"

A coworker kept screwing things up and I was the one who was fixing it. This particular instance wasn't too egregious, but she had a pattern of reading half a request doing the part she read and flagging it as complete despite having no response to the back half of it. It was resulting in complaints that were funnelling back to me. Our clients were frustrated and so I was frustrated.

So I went into our internal messaging system to vent to another coworker, saying it sure would be nice if she'd freaking read the full requests instead of half-assing crap all the time. My friend didn't respond. On the way out of the office the coworker who made the mistake apologized to me and I was left standing there thinking "but wait... I hadn't even talked to you about it yet." Well... yeah I had. I had messaged it directly to her instead of to my friend. She quit the next day.


Grandma Said...

Accidentally sent this meme to the group chat my grandma made to wish all the grandkids happy (insert holiday here).

I meant to send it to my brother. He (in the group chat) almost immediately replied with This one

I didn't realize it was the group chat, but he full well knew it was and began crap posting. The new group chat from my grandma made no longer includes me or my brother. She just texts us individually.


Hey Harry

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I thought I was typing in Spotify but instead I texted my boss "Harry Styles" out of nowhere.


How many whoops can you have before you realize you're not paying enough attention? Several and then some... that's how many. Because there are way too many apps to communicate and live on. I refuse to download one more system. How are we suppose to make communication easy when all the ways to do it is difficult. Everyone who responded to this thread gets me. Whatever happened to just picking up a phone. That's a direct line.

What are you doing??

A friend of mine was being extremely clingy for weeks and demanding my attention all the time. When I took time to answer, she even wrote "why don't you answer?? What are you doing??" I took a screenshot of the conversation and accidentally sent it to her, instead of another friend... Whatsapp delete message feature did not exist back then unfortunately.


Drunk Dave

Only a close call (thankfully) but was sending an "adult" message to a guy I was seeing called Dave. Dave and Dad are very similar when drunk...


Playing Games

My brother and I are up late playing video games online (so we're talking through a headset... he lived 7 hours away at the time), lots of drinking, catching up, talking about life. He's telling me about a girl he was seeing for a while but there were some cultural differences so their relationship fizzled out a few months ago and they haven't spoken since. I tell him to send me a picture of her and he says "okay, hold on."

A few seconds go by and he says "oh my god, nooooo." He sent the girl a picture of herself... at like 2am... when they haven't spoken for months. He was cringing so hard and I was laughing so hard. I told him to play it like he was trying to add photos to his contacts or something and messed up. She responded and was cool about it lol.



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I was posting a funny meme to a group chat but accidentally posted it to a more serious group chat, which would be ok, but someone told us about the passing of their father earlier that day so it was very awkward. This was like a year back don't really remember. If I'm not mistaken it might have been one about a very unenthusiastic car salesman, or overly enthusiastic. I really don't remember.


Dad Bod it is...

As an inside joke, one of my friends' names in my phone is "Dad Bod." His name is directly above my father's in my contact list. Some time ago, I called "Dad Bod" and left him a message saying I needed him to pick up my antidepressants on his way home from work, and asked if he wouldn't mind getting a box of tampons while he was at the pharmacy. I still think about it sometimes when I can't sleep.


When on Craigslist...

I was selling a dining table on Craigslist, and had the usual back and forth with tons of people. One of them texted me a couple days later of an uncouth meme about the town we live in by mistake and was really embarrassed.

I sent one back, and we talked crap about some of the stuff going on in our area for a couple days (big scandal). Seemed like we were budding into a real friendship! Alas, my inability to text people back in a timely manner to the kabbash on something that might have been wonderful.


I fear we're never going back to the old way of life; you know, when people met in person and not over technology. Group meetings are especially arduous to navigate. No matter how proficient one becomes, we're still gonna miss and mesh meetings. The world is juggling a new way of face to face and it has its bumps in the road, so we're all going to have to learn together. I hope my Zumba people enjoyed my catharsis. It can be good ammo for the burn.


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