Sometimes you can really get a sense of someone before they even really do anything. Like you just sense their energy, or something about them is off or strange, or there is something that you immediately pick up on that tells you to watch out for this human.

Those signs usually aren't blatant or obvious, but they are cues your body has learned to subconsciously pick up on so that you can protect yourself from mental harm.

Redditor u/AccordingMobile6103 asked:

"What's a subtle sign that someone isn't a good person?"

Here were some of those answers.

Just...So Tired

"You leave every interaction with them feeling worse than when you arrived."

"It took me years to realize why I always felt tired and crabby after spending time with a 'friend' of mine. It wasn't because I was tired, it was because they were awful!"-StormySue

No Blame 4 Me

"When they flip every criticism back on you. I had a coworker like this. I'm an English teacher in Japan, where punctuality is key."

"My coworker was showing up super late to work and I was asked to have a quiet word with her about it before things got 'official'."

"I'll never forget the way she blew up at me about it. She would refuse to acknowledge her lateness as an issue and at the same time kept telling me all the ways I was bad at my job."

"Like, really hurtful stuff. I ended up just standing and walking away."-ExperientialSorbet

The Entitlement

"My mom (obligatory I love her) sends back every meal or drink at every restaurant and not in a kind way, then will yelp about it."

"My grandfather is THE PICKIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. Lots of money, very wealthy and I am talking about San Jose wealthy."

"He wears sweat pants and drives an old a** Honda. He is seriously the pickiest eater ever, very critical of every restaurant he has ever stepped foot in, but I haven't ever seen him send a meal back or be anything but kind to every server EVER, and this man eats out for 3 meals a day, and tips heavily, no matter what is set in front of him."

"My mom is a f**king b*tch, and my grandfather is the hardest working man with the biggest heart. He is an absolute gem of a human being. My mom also happens to hate my grandfather."-Busy-Bench3300

It can be said the true measure of a man is how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

The Protagonist Of Life Syndrome

"Someone who has no ability to be introspective. Their world is them, not everyone. They can never see the big picture and their part in it. The world is their small picture and everyone else has a part in it."-dee-bee-ess

I Heard That U Were Talkin SH*T

"I knew a guy who would sh*t-talk strangers. Like, his version of 'people watching' was nitpicking people he had never met and finding something to mock about them."

"Of course, it was never to their face, but it was awful. I remember once I was at the airport with him when we were waiting to pick up a mutual friend."

"The entire time, anytime someone would come out of the airport, he would find something to make fun of. In the moment, it was whatever. Like, some of the stuff he said was actually sort of funny."

"But I would always come away in a horrible mood because of all the negativity."-Human-Carpet-6905

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Everyone Sucks But Me

"Knew a person like this recently. As soon as I met them every story about their past was about how they were abused by people. Literally everyone in their life mistreated them."

"I immediately put up a safety wall because I knew at some point in the future, I would be one of those 'abusers' in her story."

"Sure enough, despite barely ever speaking to them, I became an 'abuser' by not speaking to them enough, not making eye contact etc, most of which was completely in their head."

"Everyone in our circle became her 'abuser' in some way. She could call people names, yell at them, trash them — it was always their fault because they were abusing her."

"Worst part is she's convinced her boyfriend that he's a victim of everyone's 'abuse' too. He's retconned his entire past, destroying long time relationships."

"It's a full on fantasy world with them now. Glad I made the decision to keep a distance or who knows how bad it would have been."-Beforemath


"I live in nyc. It has to be over 1000 times Ive seen people just casually throw their gum wrapper or used napkin on the ground."

"I saw one dude finished with his styrofoam container of food and threw it across the street like a frisbee, as he used a trash can to lean on for more power."

"That said, I used to live in the Midwest out in the country. Somehow even more trash in the ditches than I saw in this city. Every morning some f**king loser was tossing his microwaved burrito wrappers out his window right in front of my house."

"I got a deer cam set up, captured a months worth of footage, sent it to the police, moved my camera in a really good hiding spot, caught him smashing my mailbox because I assumed he knew I sent footage in of him doing that. He got jail time and had to pay me a lot of money."

"I'd also frequently go camping in the middle of absolutely no where countryside nature. Garbage everywhere. Washing machines, tires, beer cans, trash bags, hot pocket boxes, anything and everything."

"Our earth is just treated like one big landfill by people. Humans are absolutely stupid."-AliensAreDope

And it really is just the tiniest little motions that tell you whether someone is overtly and completely selfish or self-involved, or if they have the capacity to look outside themselves for others.

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun

"I remember having to explain to a girl I was hooking up with that the things I told her in private were meant to stay private and not be shared with all of our mutual friends."

"Keep in mind that this was during lockdown, so we only had a group of 7 people whom we ever hung out with in person. Some people have no concept of privacy."-ununonium119

Listen To MY Problems

"They come to you every day with an issue they're having, but you're not allowed to express your problems."

"Had a friend like this, everyday was something with her and no one in our group was allowed to express our issues in our lives."

"The amount of emotional dumping that girl did was crazy and I had to tip toe around her so I wouldn't cause an outburst, we all did."

"You could say anything and she'd be threatening to not be friends and commit suicide. There's a reason why I cut contact and refuse to even look in her direction whenever I see her."-pixie13903

Interruptus Maximus

"I used to work with a guy who was constantly running at Lenny levels of interruption."

"He would also do this thing where if I was talking to someone else he would actually move his body between me and the other person with his back facing me and start talking to the other person, especially if that person was a woman."

"It was kind of funny because he was like 8" shorter than me so I could still make eye contact with the person I was originally talking with."-Ljudet-Innan

There's an old adage that says, when people show you who they are--believe them. That's true of these moments too--when someone lets a little quality slip that shows they're negative or self centered.

Believe them.

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