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Let's be honest, the word can feel like an awful place day after day. For whatever reason, the internet feels the need to push this idea by only putting their absolute worst foot forward. Fortunately, these stories can serve as a reminder that there are still good people out there filled with chocolatey coated wholesomeness.

Reddit user, u/[deleted], wanted to hear something positive on the internet when they asked:

What's a very wholesome thing about you?

A Teacher For Everyone

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I am a teacher (ELA, film, and photography). I gift all my kids a personalized book that I know they will like at least once year. I teach a few kids with reading issues so I find a film that they may not have known about but I think they will relate to for them. I also try to gift a photo of them looking amazing or doing amazing so that they have at least one picture from school where they shine.


Stockpiling For Later

I pay close attention to details about people so I can start conversations with them and find thoughtful "anytime" gifts for them.


A Hug To Remember, Every Time

My entire life I have hugged my mom when I say goodbye or go to bed. I'm 21 and in college now, so the hugs mean a lot more when I when visit for a weekend.

I'm also sorta proud of myself because it looks like I've trained my 9 year old brother to do the same thing :)


as a mum of 20-something year olds please know how much we treasure these hugs!


Less Talking, More Listening

I like to listen alot, I'm introverted so social situations are very exhausting for me, but I love to actively listen to people, especially because I understand and am able to grasp alot of ideas and feelings of others.

If you want to vent, I'll be your airconditioner, let's talk... As long as you need


Share The Love Of Reading With Everyone

On "Children's Reading Day" at our public library, I volunteer to read to young people.

The goal each month is not only to entertain them with engaging stories, but to stimulate their interest in reading and exploring the library's resources.


Play Away

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At Dave & Buster's or arcades, If I see a kid staring at a game, I put my tokens in and tell them to play. Then I swiftly walk away so as not to look like a predator.


Alpha Den Mother

I have a really bad habit of mothering anything that lets me. Plants, animals, people, you name it. I am most definitely the mom friend of the group. If someone gets too drunk and passes out, I'm tucking them in and leaving a glass of water nearby. I'm always there for my friends when they need to vent or want advice.


Less Talk, More Action

I may not show my emotions with hugs or verbally, but if you are ever in need I'm there no matter what. Emotionally, physically, monetarily, I'm there


I love this! I'm also not really a hugger or talker so I can be hard to "help" when upset. But I appreciate it immensely when someone is just there.


They're Always In Need

I donate blood.


I almost bled out and I didn't realize the importance and selflessness until I needed 5 liters. So, thank you.


Fresh From The Oven

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I bake often and always from scratch. Cakes, cookies, breads, etc. My (teen) son was aghast when he learned that some folks either use boxed mixes or don't bake at all.


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