It's okay for the littlest things to set you off. Odds are, it's the littlest things that get the biggest reaction because of how often they happen to you. Repeated minor gaffes can be a nightmare moreso than one big tragedy. Stubbing your toe is the worst, sure, but have you ever once tried to catch a fork slipping out of your grip and you missed it, causing it to scatter further away from you? Because it turns out hell is real and it's that exact moment...

Let's take a look!

Reddit user, u/WhatsTheMatterMcFly, wanted to know, from the big to the small, that "one" little thing:

What petty thing turns you into a raging, snarling beast?

They Can't Read Your Mind


If I'm about to do something and someone asks me to do it.

Saying "I was JUST about to do the dishes!" just makes you look bad and now your nice deed has turned into something you do just because someone asked you to.


This Feels Like More Of A Kid Problem

When you tell someone to stop but they keep on doing it with that stupid smirk plastered to their face


Either Finish It Or Throw It Away

When some take something from the fridge, pantry etc. Then they finish it and put the empty container back! Why?


Or take a bottle off juice or pop outta the fridge and leave a tiny mouthful in the bottom and put it back. At least leave a glassfull or drink the lot.


Just Look Away

When someone stares at me when im eating stuff


My roommate does this if I have any sort of food. Literally comes and sits right next to me and stares in the hopes that I'll be nice and offer some. If I look at him he'll start looking around like he wasn't staring at me at all. Even has the audacity to get in my bed because he doesn't think his is as comfortable.

Still a good boy though, even though he doesn't pay rent.


Pay Attention While You're Driving

How hard is it to use a godd-mn blinker?


And if you're braking BEFORE you put your turn signal on then you're doing it wrong.

Its not just for cars. Its for pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and ebikes.

Everyone wants to know what you're doing. Dont wait til the last moment.

See somebody waiting to turn in front of you on the street you're turning on? Put your signal on so they can turn! Dont wait til you're right in front of the intersection when they could have gone.

I hate everyone.


Gotta Fill That Space

Waiting in a line, trying to put a little more space between me and the person behind me while the line isn't moving, and the person behind me taking that as invitation to step closer.


Did I Say You Could Use My Pen?

Taking my stuff without my permission


Disrespecting my property really p-sses me off. Recently I had my phone plugged into the speakers playing music, and my new housemate picks it up to look at the playlist. I say "Don't touch my phone", and his reaction was not to put it down, but to ask "Why?"

Don't ask why. I don't have to justify it. This is not a debate or negotiation. It's mine and I have absolute authority over it.


Ensnared Fury


Catching my headphones on something.


Zero to white hot SEETHING rage in a matter of seconds.


Do The Job

People who don't do their work and expect me to do theirs and mine. Bonus points if said person is old (both in age and service time) and acts as if you're disrespecting them for saying DO YOUR F-CKING JOB.


God, I have that guy at my job...He spends so much energy avoiding work, if he dedicated that to his actual job he'd be doing just fine. Some people just think they're getting one over on everybody by slacking off.


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