The world is overrun with fun facts and fake news. At this point who knows what to believe. That is why we must always think before we speak and have ironclad proof that what we are saying is factual. I mean the basics are covered.... the Earth is flat, the sky is blue and Adele is an angel. Check.

But all the other sordid details being lobbed at us on the daily need to be vetted before they are spread. Otherwise we're just talking smack... no matter how entertaining it is or solid it sounds.

Redditor u/argues_with_quote wanted to know what "knowledge" that was really nonsense others have tried to sell to us all by asking.... What is the most hilariously inaccurate 'fact' someone has told you?

To Red Robin....


Had a friend try to tell me and a group of friends that every single Red Robin was off an exit 3 from the highway. We tried to tell her that no, it was just a coincidence that she saw two like that or something. Then when asked "do you know how exits work?" she replied "yes, every time there's a Red Robin, they make it an exit 3". Wtf? Born_Slippee


Water is a crystal, not a liquid.

It was some guy posting a shower thought. I got into a long argument with him and it kept getting more and more ridiculous because he was genuinely convinced. I've never.. ever seen anything like it. It still haunts me to this day, because it's so preposterous it MUST be a troll move, yet everything suggests he was serious. I will never know...

The X Factor. 

  1. Neighbor told me he attended an international medical conference for work and he learned that women were "catching diabetes in their feet because of the sandals that they wear in the summer"
  2. Little sister's friend said that a contestant on a singing show like X Factor came second after the finale because the contestant who won stole his phone and turned it off so he wouldn't get his votes when people texted in. TeeRanbato

Sing out....

The band name "KISS" is an acronym for "Knights In Satan's Service."

"AC/DC" = "Anti-Christian Devil Children"

"Slayer" = "Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot"

...all told to us without irony by a Sunday school teacher, circa 1987. Keefer1970


This is a story that is too long to type in full but I once got into a disagreement with some random dude at an A&W because he thought that 1/4 (one quarter) was more than 1/3 (one third). His reasoning was that since 1/4 has a four and 1/3 has a three, and 4 is one unit higher than 3 then 1/4 is more than 1/3.

The worst part was that in order to prove him wrong I asked the cashier girl which weighed more, she didn't know. Then I asked the next person in line, that idiot said 1/4. Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to have a complete idiot think that he's smarter than you because everyone in the room is just as dumb as he is? ToxicMasculinity1981

The Confused.


My ex argued that fossils weren't actually old and those creatures never existed, they were just stuck there to confuse us. DisneyDork1313

Lung Work. 

"smoking weed strengthens your lungs" no, no it does not. ibbity

Yeah, I can get on board with the 'weed smoke isn't as bad as cig smoke.'

But like... combusted plant matter coating your lungs is still combusted plant matter coating your lungs. argues_with_quotes

The West Cold....


Someone once told me that it never snows in the state of Washington because 'its on the west coast.' Same person also told me that she doesn't believe in gravity because "if it was real, wouldn't the sun just suck up the moon?"

She was 24 when she said these things to me. Scamperillium

No Gatorade! 

That you can live off drinking sea water because Gatorade has sodium in it.

I was telling this dude about a guy who was stranded out at sea for awhile and survived by drinking rainwater and shark blood or some crap, and dude was like "why didn't he drink the sea water? Gatorade has sodium in it and it's fine. It's a myth that you can't drink sea water. Probably so they can keep charging people for drinking water." Tickle86

Palms Up! 

That masturbating will give you hairy palms. I had a teacher in high school tell us this and the number of guys and girls who checked their hands immediately was hilarious. I had to really slam on the brain filter to keep from doing it myself but you better believe I examined my hands thoroughly in the bathroom after class. DaFahQsay

Just Breathe...


It's possible to breathe underwater.

She then tried to demonstrate and snorted a bunch of lake water up her nose. She was 14 at the time. psych_edelic_survey

 they were damn bears.....

A woman at a party I was attending over a decade ago insisted that the largest member of the rodent family is the... polar bear.

I looked at her in absolute disbelief and replied that they weren't rodents, they were damn bears.

She had a PhD, too... smh. pm1966

This almost feels like one of those crazy facts that you think theres no way is true but kind of is by a technicality. Like I could say palm trees are grass. They aren't actually grass, but they are monocots like grass and are more closely related to grasses than woody trees, so if you skip a couple steps you could try to pass it as a "fun fact." iamgladtohearit

No Shake for You! 

I was talking to a guy at the bar and he was telling me how soap is unnecessary for washing your hands. All you need is a combination of hot water and cold water. Not warm. But use both cold and hot.

I did not shake his hand. atlantis_airlines

This is quite scientifically sound. When you alternate between the temperatures rapidly, the dad microbe begins shouting about 'the thermostat' and 'he's not made of petri dishes you know" and all the young bacteria roll their eyes so hard they die. Like, Galileo discovered it, or something. my_4_cents


My roommate tried to convince me that there are Chimpanzee-people in the jungle because isolated tribes are getting it on with the monkeys. I tried to explain how species reproduce and quickly realized he thinks you can be with a horse and get a centaur. aBucketofChestnuts



You can get black lung disease from overcooking the marshmallows for s'mores. USPSA-Addict

Being Egged. 

Goats lay eggs. A several minute argument followed, and I did not convince him he was wrong. I work in meat processing. Not that that's necessary to know that goats don't lay eggs, but it just made the argument all the more ridiculous. I'd literally seen goats born live countless times, and yet he argued.

Edit: I also worked at a caviar bar for a while, and many times had to hear from people who were horrified we were eating dolphin eggs. Beluga. I've heard that "mahi mahi is dolphin" more times than I can count. And from people who've eaten it even. onioning

Oh Boys....

An ex boyfriend once insisted that women can hold in their periods like we can hold our urine. He did not believe me, a woman, when I told him that was absolutely not the case. What. b0n3rjamz

I've had a similar conversation, although luckily I was able to convince him other wise. I told him that when you have a cut on your arm, it just bleeds and you can't control it. So you put a bandage on it. purpleplatapi

Perfect Potassium.


The shape of the banana and the way it fits your hand so well are proof that god exists.

He stopped using that argument when one of our co-workers pointed out that a penis also fit hands pretty well too. I_throw_socks_at_cat

"Sally had told her so"

Not me but my mum. She was walking with a group of friends on a popular trail in the UK. She has quite an outspoken friend, let's call her Sally. The group saw a number of Chinese tourists taking pictures of the sheep along the trail. One of the group asked;

"I wonder why they are all taking pictures of sheep all the time."

To which Sally replies;

"It's because they don't have sheep in China!"

The group all believed Sally, and thought it was an amazing fact. My mum decided to regurgitate the fact one dinner time saying that "Sally had told her so."

I called bull and Googled it there and then.

Turns out China has the largest population of sheep in the entire world.

My mum has never lived that down. Alarmed_Brick

Hey Jude.


When you go to Liverpool and start singing a Beatles song, everybody will join in like it's some Disney movie. The guy was dead serious. LOB90


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