Life is full of questions and theories. Often, big, unexplainable moments are shrouded in mystery. People tend to try and weave a tale that makes sense, even when there is already basic reasoning. What can I say....sometimes we're really bored.

Redditor u/thats_a_doozy wanted to hear what odd ideas some people are concocting by asking.... What's the goofiest conspiracy theory you've ever heard?



That white people are really just Indian albinos that got expelled from India a long time ago and settled in Europe.

Lol, what? TehArtistwannabe


Dog food companies routinely breed large dogs and dump the puppies randomly all over the country. If they get adopted, that's a new customer. If they wind up in the shelter, they still gotta eat. LiquidSoCrates

Idk this one sounds dumb but sorta plausible. BattlefieldNiblet

Fake News?

That Clinton rigged the election so Trump would win, because Trump is a Democrat plant into the Republican Party so the Democrats could actually be in control.

Because if you had the power to do that you couldn't just... rig it so you can win. BattlefieldNiblet

I heard the theory that they were in it together and than Trump was a puppet to make it really easy for Hilary to win and for him to promote his show, but then he unexpectedly went and won. argielurker

Breathe Deep. 

Oxygen is actually a hallucinogen and drugs like mushrooms are what reality actually looks like and are the only cure. jerrythecactus

Someone came up with this while on mushrooms. PaterMcKinley

Darth Moon....


The moon is a death star. This was the explanation: The astronauts heard a bell when they landed, thats it. OnwardFerret94

That the moon is a hologram. Ithasbegunagain


Hollow Earth. I had an old coworker explain his ideas on it to me one time and I had to bite my tongue and cheeks so I could let him finish without laughing. He thought there was an ancient race inside the planet. One day we're supposedly all going on boats to some hole in some ocean and we'll just kinda pop in the other side and gravity will still work and there will be ambient light. Dude was smart otherwise so I figured he took too much acid back in the day. He also would also randomly show me drawings for his perpetual motion machines. mercurus_


The coolest one I've heard of was that the Titanic never sunk, but its sister ship the Olympic was intentionally sank for insurance reasons, but then they botched the rescue so people ended up dying. Theres a pretty cool documentary on youtube about it. MasterChiefsUNSC

I Love Trees. 

That trees aren't real. The things we identify as trees are actually mediocre copies of real trees. Mesas are not geological features but the fossilized stumps of real trees. Why the giant real trees were eradicated in favor of the smaller, crappier copies isn't made clear. EuroLitmus

Ask Jackie. 

I worked with a guy who swore that the guy who was driving President Kennedy in Dallas turned around in the driver's seat and shot him point blank. He said all you had to do was watch the tape and it was plain as day. Stimperonovitch

I saw this documentary that I am 90% sure was completely crap. But there's that's 10% of me that's almost sort of convinced

Basically the theory goes the squad sniper was incredibly drunk the day JFK was driving around in that town and the assassin shot but missed hitting the car or something so then the squad sniper grabs his rifle spins around accidentally shoots JFK in the head.

And like I'm a good 90% sure it's crap but the documentary was really convincing and now I'm not even sure and it's freaking me out because I'm not even sure if I believe in this weird conspiracy theory I don't know what's going on anymore the moon is a hologram the Earth is fake and hollow Mars is flat Jupiter's actually 2 meters wide the lizard people control my local council immigration happens because of the central American banana companies nothing is real everything is fake and we all die eventually. Red_fade_british

Pizza Yum.


That Shane Dawson thing where he showed Chuck E Cheese Pizza is made up of salvaged slices of used pizza

I mean, when the pizza came to the table I laughed out loud. WiseWordsFromBrett


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