Nerds Share Fake Facts That Sound Like They Could Actually Be Real

Nerds Share Fake Facts That Sound Like They Could Actually Be Real

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Ever hear something that makes perfect sense, even if it isn't true?

Or maybe you tried to figure something out and found a plausible, logical solution that turned out to be completely wrong.

Reddit user TheBanisherOfRegs asked "What are some fake facts that sound real?"

Here are some facts that suffer from just one flaw; they aren't true.


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Greyhounds are more closely related to velociraptors than any other mammal.


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Inventor of the Stand Up Paddle board? Why, none other than Teddy Roosevelt. He enjoyed taking his board out on Jackson Lake in the Grand Tetons for a peaceful summer paddle.


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'Purified water' is more dangerous to our health than 'Tap Water'


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If you're left handed and do not have 20/20 vision there is a 12.5% chance you have a photographic memory.

What About Cheese?

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1/4 of the US population doesn't believe in the moon.


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If you chew your food with your mouth open it will be more flavorful.


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Electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and microwaves cause cancer.

Jenny McCarthy

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There are no autistic Amish people because they do not vaccinate.

Both parts of that is untrue. There are autistic Amish, and they do vaccinate.

On the Right Side

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95% of pilot whales are left-handed.

Spicy Science

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In the early 1930's, for a short period of time, the periodic table of elements included oregano.

It's still on the Italian one.

Law of Averages

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The average penis size is just a little bigger than yours.

I had a friend who was a graduate student who TA'd a course in human sexuality. One of the test multiple choice questions was "what's the average penis size", and the answers were 3", 6", 9" and 12". For fun he would always says the correct answer was 9" just to watch the crestfallen looks on the guys' faces.

Starry, Starry Night

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There's more stars in the Milky Way Galaxy than trees on Earth.

Whisker Lickin'

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1 out of every 100 cats are born without whiskers.

Overly Attached

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There is a tribe in the Amazon that never cuts the umbilical cord.

A Bright Idea

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Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb.


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Edgar Allan Poe once bit a mans finger off over a shot of whiskey.

Rx Candy

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Lollipops were originally invented as a way to get picky children to take their medicine without realizing it.

FYI: It may not have been developed for that purpose, but pharmacists do make medication lollipops.

They do now exist.

Really Dry Ice

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Powdered Water.

I told my daughter years ago when we were driving to school about powdered water.

"They made it for NASA...then backpackers started using it to keep there pack light - like astronaut ice cream. Open up the package...and it absorbs the hydrogen in the atmosphere to re-formulate into H2O - ask your science teacher about it."


Ergo....she does not believe anything I say to this day.


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Dinosaurs actually had big ears but nobody knows that because ears don't have bones.

It actually helps with the problem many bio-engineers have with dinosaurs: how do you keep that much internal mass cool with that little body area. Now, on the stegosaurus, they figure the skin over the plates on the back did the trick. The triceratops had the big 'shield' over its neck with skin surface area to do about the same thing. However, others had no obvious way to cool. Elephants have big ears in part to cool their bodies. This all makes it plausible, and actually a worthy theory to investigate.

Now we just need an artist who can sketch us up a T-rex with elephant style ears...

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