People Share The Best Fun Facts About Themselves

People Share The Best Fun Facts About Themselves
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Sharing fun facts is an easy no-pressure way for you and your friends to get to know one another. You don't have to share anything you're not comfortable with, and you get to learn weird new things about people.

Fun fact about me: my fingers are weirdly hypermobile. All of my finger joints go just a bit further than they should, so my fingers' resting positions isn't straight, it's bent backwards. I didn't think anything of it when I was younger - until someone in middle school gave the most disgusted look when I attempted to point at something.

She stared at my finger like it was the grossest thing she had ever seen and then eventually scoffed "Ew. You're pointing at the sky and it's super grody."

Having any part of you described as "super grody" tends to mess with you and I still almost never point at anything.

Reddit user TwetBeg wanted to know:

What's a fun little fact about yourself?

It turns out a lot of people have weird little body quirks, but not just body quirks - all sorts of weird and wonderful little quirks came out in the comments section! So kick back, relax, and enjoy these fabulous fun facts about your fellow internet users.

The Discovery Channel Challenge

I have mastered moving my eyes independently because when I was 6 a Discovery channel video of a chameleon told me I couldn't do it.

- Jazzyjazz59

No Noseclip Needed

Healthy Tipping Point

I can plug my nose with my lips. It's a water tight seal so I use it when I swim which means I look ridiculous while swimming. I have never known anyone who could. To be fair, it's not really something I ask people about. The only time I've ever really talked about it is when I get made fun of for having a funny face while swimming.

- EllisEthelmer

I can do it too! I remember as a kid talking to my family about water getting up noses as we were swimming. I said I just plug my nose with my upper lip. They were like "what???". I said "yeah, like this", and did it. They told me it looked dumb, so I stopped for a little bit, but got tired of getting water up my nose like a normal person and started using the gift again.

I'm able to plug one side with my lip if I need to clear a nostril. And can force air in only the side that needs clear. Otherwise the open side just lets all the air in without clearing the other.

- Kingdomtdew

OH MY GOD I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU!!! When I was younger, all attempts to look cute in front of the lifeguards went down the drain every time I would jump in the water because of this ridiculous jammed up fish face I automatically made.


- PornNComments

Just an FYI you don't have to hold your nose with your hands or use your upper lip to keep water out of it lol, if you just hold your breath underwater and exhale slightly to keep air in your nose, water won't be able to go up it.

Maybe those of you who can use your lip to plug your nose never had to learn to do it but that's what us mortals do to keep water out haha. That, or blocking your nasal passages with your soft palette.

- ForrestFloof

Birth Date Awesomeness

I was born in 2000 10th of October 10:10 in the morning. I even came to front page on newspaper about it in 2010.

- CinnamonToastKev

I turned 11 on 11/11/11.

- Chrnan6710

In the year 2045, I will be 67 and my birthday will be 01-23-45 and I will be 67

Throwing a big party. YES you all can come - bring a hot dish.

- tourwick

Foreigners Explain Which Parts Of American Culture Seem Strange | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

No Thanks On Option 3

I have no sense of smell and never had. Whenever I tell this to people, their response falls into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. That's so unfortunate! You don't know how good x smells!
  2. You're so lucky! You don't have to know how x smells!
  3. So if I fart in your face you won't notice?

I've yet to receive a different response aside from those, and you'd be surprised how many unrelated people told me option 3; it's impressive lol.

- XBenb100

Genital Cosplay

I have a small patch of perfectly white hair just above my crotch. It was once described as looking like my vagina was cosplaying as Rogue from X-Men.

- PortaRossa

Wisdom Teeth

I was born without wisdom teeth. If I go to a new dentist they often look at the X-rays and comment that I had my wisdom teeth removed. Nope. Never had any.

- eternalrefuge86

I had 5 wisdom teeth. The fifth one was in my sinus cavity.

To get it removed I had to go under full surgery to avoid complications. If they removed it the normal way their would have been a strong chance that a hole would form where it was, connecting my sinuses to the back of my mouth. This would of caused a lot of fun stuff like snot always dripping down the back of my throat.

- BrownR1ce

Running Late

I accidentally saved my mom's life.

I was late to school on the morning of 9/11/2001. My mom had to drive me to school that day. My mom worked in the Twin Towers at the time. If I hadn't been late for school, she'd have gone to work early, like she initially planned to do that day. Her office was In one of the upper floors of Tower 2 (I think it was Tower 2, not 100% sure). She very likely would have died if she had gotten to work early like she planned.

- Usotaku013666


I was clinically dead. Twice.

There was a seizure and I woke up in the back of an ambulance and everybody looked so damn relieved. Despite being gone for a few minutes, I hopped out of the ambulance when it arrived at the hospital and the doctors were like nah bro you ain't walking that off. Spent 3 weeks in there. I was 9 years old. Month later, same thing happened. Then I got onto heavy medication and thankfully haven't had a seizure since. I'm completely healthy and turning 22 in a few weeks.

- Bengoris

Maybe Witch Babies? 

My birthday is the summer solstice! While that alone isn't that fun, it's kinda neat that my sister and only sibling was born on the winter solstice.

Still not fun enough? Our mom's sister has 2 children, also a boy and girl, and their birthdays are the spring and autumn equinoxes.

So kinda a tag-team fun fact I suppose!

- TooSoonTurtle

Derpy Sleep-Self


I sleepwalk. I've woken up taking a shower at 2 in the morning, I've woken up in different clothes or rooms than what I was wearing when I went to sleep, I've woken up to find the evidence of all the snacks I ate in my sleep, and I've woken up with different bedding on my bed. I usually have no memory of how any of that happened.

Basically, there's like a 5% chance that I'll wake up in the morning to find that my derpy sleep-self has decided that, yes, it's a good idea to get dressed for work while eating a truck load of fruit snacks in the shower. I hope you didn't need your bedsheets either. Those are tied in a figure eight not on the living room floor. Also your pillow is wearing a shirt.

Makes for good stories, though.


Wrapped Up In A Movie

This usually gets a laugh, because it's so strange and insane it's hard to believe it's true... but it is.

My father and doctor missed my birth because they were too busy watching a movie in the next room over.

- ChubbyBunnyBean

The Thirst Is Real

I am incapable of feeling thirst. This was actually a pretty big problem growing up as I would get dehydrated often and a few times dangerously so. I'm now 23 and have learned to both make sure I drink water everyday and that these "random" headaches and dizzy spells are from lack of water.

- milkypeas

Adjusting The Five Year Plan

I'm 40. My only child graduates High School this spring.

My wife just told me we're having another baby this coming spring.

I'm in a bit of shock. My five year plan needs some adjustments, I guess.

- TeddyWutt

Former Underwear Model


When I was a baby I did a couple modelling shoots for diapers. Now you could say I'm a former underwear model.

- Doboh

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