People Share Their Favorite 'Adult' Jokes In Disney Films

Disney isn't always so squeaky clean with their content. Just ask any child of the eighties about that suspicious phallic symbol on 'The Little Mermaid' poster. Legend has it, Disney always like to be a little sly by throwing in some adult content for the over seventeen crowd to find. It's like a treasure hunt for witty smut. As long as the kids don't get it until much later, enjoy the fun.

Redditor u/Mogulzns wanted to know what dastardly things to look for next time we watch Disney material by asking.... We all know that Disney loves putting "adult" jokes in their animated movies. Which one is your favorite?


The villain in Hunchback of Notre Dame's whole motivation is that the gypsy girl turned him on and he couldn't have her. Dude had a whole song about being horny and it driving him insane. turnkey85

In the Cup....


Lightning McQueen: "Guys, Doc has three Piston Cups!" Mater: /spittake/ "He did WHUT in his cup?!" 096

Honestly, his schtick became a lot more bearable after learning that Larry the Cable Guy is just a character.

That, and Mater was the best part of that movie. Formaldehyd3

"Anyways I prefer you in leather."

One example I like to use is from Frozen. When Anna is in the sleigh with Christoph he is asking about Prince Hans. One of his questions is "shoe size?" Her response is "shoe size doesn't matter". Mogulzns

In Frozen II Kristoff got dressed as a gentleman for an hour. Anna replied "Anyways I prefer you in leather."

Plus: In my language's translation after that scene happened Olaf said "Wow you've never lasted an hour. I guess everything is possible with love." Toadkiri


In inside out there's a scene where disgust says "there are no bears in san francisco!" and anger replies "i saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear." lesbrarian666

And then when she's having her San Fran nightmare later on there's a literal bear offering her broccoli pizza. I laugh out loud every time. GreenAndGold115

"come take me"


The very blatant "come take me" look Nala gives Simba when they meet back up as adults. AngrySmapdi


Technically Pixar but pretty much all of Syndrome in The Incredibles.

"You married Elastagirl...?" sees the kids "...and got BIZZAY!" SaltySteveD87

I never understood as a kid that Helen thought Bob was cheating on her. As a person who saw my own parents in an unhealthy relationship where it was (now) obvious that my dad was cheating on my mum, watching the incredibles and seeing Helen say goodbye to Bob when he's off to Nomanisan Island (also excellent reference) hurt me so much because I finally realized what she must've been going through.

I'm so disappointed that the sequel wasn't as good, it was alright but nowhere near the writing prowess as the first where its NOT a 'kids' film. It was very much intended to be written for adults, which kids could also watch. Jill4ChrisRed

The Carwash....

In Cars 2, when he's coming out of the bathroom/carwash room thing, Mater warns the other cars about the carwashing anime car lady in the guide video in the stall and says "and when she starts giggling, prepare to be squirted." Mad props to whoever snuck that it in to a kid's movie. therealreptar11

With age comes wisdom... 

This one isn't sexual, but Olaf's entire song from Frozen 2 about how "everything will make sense when I get older" as he goes through a bunch of traumatic situations. Kids in the theater were laughing; my friends and I were also laughing, because we knew the punchline. mang0fandang0

"We're your biggest fans."

In Cars. Right after the first race. Mcqueen wins (I think?) Or maybe he ties? Idk. But right after that first race, theres a set of twin girl cars that come up to him and say "We're your biggest fans." And then they flash him. Like they flash their lights at him.

The reason its my favorite is that I just rewatched the movie as an adult and loved all the subtle adult jokes 10yr old me never understood. Also, that hippie van with the "organic oil" or whatever, was definitely high on something for the entire movie. dmartens319

Rescue Me.


The fact that they literally added an uncensored picture of breasts for a couple frames in Rescuers Down Under was pretty crazy lmao

Edit: I know they removed it in future editions but it's still amazing that it was in there in the first place.

Edit 2: It was the original Rescuers, not the second one, thank you. u/Vidogo

It was a baked potato.


In Monster's University, when they're chasing Fear Tech's mascot through the frat house, there's a background character that looks like a potato sitting on a chair looking high as heck.

It was a baked potato. preu98

Hey Meg....

When Hercules is walking with Meg after their date and he says "And then that play, that Oedipus thing? Man, I thought I had problems!" StarryBloss

Hercules is fun to rewatch cause there's a decent amount of mythology jokes that younger me didn't get. gentlybeepingheart

Another Herc joke was the one where he's talking to the centaur, doesn't know what pronouns to use and looks behind the centaur before saying sir.

Herc was looking at his penis. LittleRedLamps

"laser envy." 

When Buzz Lighteryear's wings open after seeing Jessie pull off a cool stunt at the end of Toy Story 2. ZDog64

I just got this when my 3 year old started watching Toy Story this last year. Also in the original when all the toys are going crazy over Buzz's cool features and Woody says his laser is just "a little light bulb that blinks," Mr Potato Head responds that he has "laser envy." There are so many things I've caught or understood better as an adult. Such a great set of movies. threewhiteroses

Oh Bo Peep....

When Bo peep in Toy Story says "Maybe I'll have someone else watch the sheep tonight" (or something like that. And woody gets all excited and says "hehehehehe oh yeah:)))" it's a classic. Tb_Mar58

Earth Moves....


Aladdin and the King of Thieves: "I thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon." Cherryblossomlover17

Oh man I distinctly remember that joke as a kid. I remember very clearly knowing I was missing out on a joke, but nobody would explain it to me. Skiliner

Mia & Tia...

My favorite was in Cars right after the first race when Mia and Tia "flashed" Lightning. GeneralGreivou

I like, I don't need headlights because the track is always lit.

So is my brother but he still has headlights. wubbledub

The context is really simple.

In toy story where Woody says "the word I'm searching for I can't say because there is preschool toys present." JustBorde

The context is really simple.

Upon his "arrival", Buzz wakes up a believes he's in a strange planet. He doesn't realize he's a toy. When he meets Andy's toys, most of them are really impressed with Buzz, except for Woody.

He then tries to reassure them by saying Buzz is just a toy, but Buzz gets stubborn as he truly believes he is a "space ranger" and proceeds to correct Woody about "I think the word you're searching for is space ranger". But Woody replies "the word I'm searching for, I can't say it because there are preschool toys present".

So Woody basically wanted to insult Buzz by calling him an idiot or moron, or some other inappropriate word, unsuited for little kids. Absay

Dumb Bunny....

Zootopia, after blackmailing Nick (recorded him admitting to tax evasion for numerous years) "I may be just a dumb bunny but we are good at multiplying." death_by_osha

The spinning population sign in bunny burrow was the best. Tiger_irl


Not NSFW, but one of my favorite lines was in Toy Story when Potato Head switches around his parts to be Picasso and Ham doesn't get it, so Potato Head calls him an uncultured swine. rebookajones

Size Queen....


One example I like to use is from Frozen. When Anna is in the sleigh with Christoph he is asking about Prince Hans. One of his questions is "shoe size?" Her response is "shoe size doesn't matter." Mogulzns


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