People Break Down Which Animated Films Everyone Should See At Least Once
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Some people insist that animated movies are for children, but those prople are missing out on some amazing examples of cinema. Whether it's feel-good family friendly, musical masterpieces, or filmmakers using animation as a medium to tackle some tough issues like war and loss, here are some films you totally shouldn't miss.

Redditor CevicheCabbage asked:

"What is one animated film everyone must see at least once?"

The Iron Giant

"The Iron Giant."

- BonbonMacoute

"This continues to be one of my favorite movies ever."

"The story, the pacing, the beautiful animation, it’s an underrated gem of a movie!"

"Brad Bird’s finest work!"

- robo-dragon

"I wasn't trying to cry at work today, but here we are."


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Anything By Miyazaki, Really

​"Spirited Away"

- tiedyedkrasi

"Howls Moving Castle while you're at it"

- Sopixil

"If you need some wholesome throw in some my neighbour totoro"

- auseronthissite

"The entire Ghibli set but most important being My neighbor Totoro, because catbus"

- Dragosal

Llama Face

"The Emperor's New Groove"

- MabezJK

"The most underrated Disney film of all time in my opinion. It's hilarious, the story is great, and there's minimal singing for a Disney film. They cast the voice actors perfectly."

- mountain_rivers34

"Yay I'm a llama again!! Wait.."

- slugfaery

How To Train Your Dragon

​"How to train your dragon 1 and 2. I fell in love with Toothless and his sarcastic attitude on the first one."

- vishnubakthisaran

"How to Train Your Dragon 2 got me through a significant depression period. There were days that I would get off work and have it on repeat until bedtime."

- darkjedi39

"I think 3 should be included as well. I feel a lot of people bash on it, but it formed a solid end of the trilogy IMO."

- jayforwork21

Get That Gold

"​Road to El Dorado."

- Famous-Amphibian2296

"The scene when the giant stone jaguar breaks out of the temple - Tulio and Miguel's quizzical glance and then screaming always makes me laugh"

- goforpoppapalpatine

Both Is Good The Road To El Dorado GIFGiphy

Treasure Planet

​"Treasure Planet"

- DurzoStormblessed

"Had to scroll way too far for this one. Treasure Planet is one of the greatest movies and it's a shame it got buried by Disney (by releasing it very close to Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets - some say on purpose to prove a point to the movies directors)"

- Lloyd_AI

"Dude I literally just remembered this morning that this movie existed, and now I plan to watch it when I get off of work! I'm wayyyy too excited to watch it again lol."

- Mordecai_Wenderman

Definitely Not Happy, But Absolutely Worth It

"grave of the fireflies"

- nislija01

"Once, and only once."

- jim45804

"Those are the exact words I had in mind."

- jennybella

"This one. I was taught Japanese as my second language as a kid. The teachers put it on for us grade schoolers ( think 7-8 year olds). Messed me up and also gave me vast amounts of empathy at the same time. I don't like war, the people/civilians lose every time. I want to rewatch it but I just can't muster up the emotional strength."

- Slufflepuff

"Definitely agree that it’s a must watch but it’s also one of the few shows I’ve watch that would make this grown man cry every time."


"Grave of the Fireflies left me with a feeling of 'I'm not going to be okay for a while' and I feel like everyone should experience that at least once."

- obaterista93

A Goofy Movie

"​A Goofy Movie"

- hvan1989

"I would go to a Powerline concert no questions asked"

- ekm8642

"'You ever notice how we're all, just like, wearing gloves all the time?'"

- 1spicytunaroll

​Ohana Means Family

​"Lilo & Stitch. Ohana means family."

- GA Sam

"Lilo and Stitch is one of my all time favorite Disney movies, I absolutely agree with this"

- Arksurvivor120

"Seriously one of the movies of my childhood that has left a big, big impression on me. This scene where Nani sits with Lilo for the last time before they’re supposed to say their good byes, the authenticity of Nani singing a Hawaiian song softly. Or the way Lilo as an outsider copes with the loss of her parents. It’s all too real. It really broke my heart as a kid and does so even more now."

"It’s one of those movies that makes you truly understand complex emotions and how universal they are. It’s a wonderfully crafted movie. And hell, Stitch as cool af."

- beep-boop-im-a-robot

touching lilo and stitch GIFGiphy

​Prince Of Egypt

​"Prince of Egypt"

- tossaway1959

"Yes! This movie was so good from the elite voice acting to Han Zimmer scoring it. Jeffery Katzenberg left Disney when they didn’t want to listen to him so he went and found Dreamworks and made the perfect film just to give Disney the middle finger"

- Wildcat_twister12

"Yes. So much yes to this. I get chills watching that movie."

- OK_Comparison_2451

"Scrolled so far down just to see this. I love many animated films, but a must-see is definitely this masterpiece regardless of your religious affiliation."

- KKAPetring

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