People Share The Creepiest Situation They've Found Themselves In With A Stranger

People Share The Creepiest Situation They've Found Themselves In With A Stranger
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Life is full of interactions with people. Most jobs involve talking to strangers for inordinately long period of time. Sometimes, you leave with a positive spin on humanity. Other times, you'll have a too-close-for-my-tastes interaction with someone, giving you the permanent heebie-jeebies for the rest of your life.

Reddit user, u/TheGamingHaxer, wanted to hear the creepiest creeps who've ever creeped when they asked:

What are the creepiest situations you have been in with strangers?

Starts Out So Awful...

Was in downtown St. Louis on my way to a Blues game and a little lost. A homeless guy approached my buddy and I and asked us for some money. We gave him some cash and asked him if he knew which way to the (then) Scottrade Center where the game was. He said sure, follow me.

Cue the guy leading us through some super sketchy looking back alleys. My buddy and I start shooting eachother glances like "oh sh-t we're about to get murdered aren't we?"

Came out of the alley, and sure enough he had led us right to the Scottrade Center with a great shortcut. Super nice dude.


Mightier Than The Sword


Hitch hiking at 0400. Guy picks me up, his eyes are all pupils. Drive in silence for a minute after I thank him and introduce myself. He's asks if I have a weapon. I say no. He violently pulls a blue bic pen from his side door and thrusts it at me, while making intense eye contact, "here. Take this. If anyone tries to hurt you, stab them with it and bail".

I take it, thank him, he then tells me this is as far as he's going and I thank him for the ride and hop out; it's a straight stretch of highway, I think he realized he armed his passenger and was afraid I'd stab him.


Stop Timing Me!

Went to the toilet at work, upon my return my co-worker comments on the length of time I was doing my business and offered solution to reduce how long it took.


You Know, Grass.

This was probably creepy to the poor guy at the time but it's pretty funny to look back on it.

I once flew to Denver with my dog and for obvious reasons, I only gave her minimal food and water before the trip so my first priority when we landed was to get her some food and water and take her out to pee. She is very well trained, and perhaps alittle picky when it comes to doing her biz and the Denver airport is in a desert. In the absence of the grass she prefers...she simply didn't want to pee.

So (in my infinite wisdom) I went up to a parking attendant and asked if he knew where I could find some Colorado.....RIGHT after weed was legalized. (which was pointed out to me later)

He looked at me funny and was like "no I can't help you" but I was kinda desperate so I said "really? I just need some grass for my dog" he gives me an even funnier look and says no and walks away. I was like wtf and eventually she settled for peeing on a non grassy surface.

It wasn't until I told the story to someone later that I realized what a dunce I was being in context. So much facepalm.


"You Don't Remember Me?"

Was at a restaurant. Waitress is like I know you, I was like oh I am sorry I dont know you. Shes like didnt you go to such and such high school, I am like yeah. Shes like you dont remember me, I was like no. Kept escalating personal info I still dont remember her, suddenly she snaps starts cussing and crying, all of this in front of my kids and wife.

They literally had to drag her away kicking and screaming. I dont know who she was and I have never done anything that would have caused that. I always think who the f-ck was that.


Turning The Tables

Was taking an uber to get home. Uber driver kept asking me about whether or not I had a boyfriend. I told them specifically "No, and I have no interests in dating ever. Single life ftw"

He didn't say anything until after one of the fellow pool-passengers had gotten off and then it was just us. He then started asking my why I had no interest in dating. I explained my reasons why.

Silence until I was close to getting home. Then he started saying that it was important that I get a boyfriend. "What about whenever something goes wrong and one of your items break? Who will fix it?" "Well I have friends who can help with that." "What about going to nice places?" "Again, friends do those things too."

Right when I was about to get out of the car, he insisted that he was going to be my boyfriend and I needed to give him my number. Seeing as he wasn't going to take no for an answer, I twisted it around and asked for his number instead.

I then reported him to Uber because Screw that guy! No means no!


Mixed Up Doors


An older woman came up to me and my girlfriend at a motel, she told us she couldn't get into her room, I asked if her keycard didn't work and she told us no, it did but she wasn't strong enough to open the door. We walked over with her and saw that she was trying to get into a storage closet.

I told her this wasn't her room, and she got angry and told her she had just put her stuff inside the room. I showed her that it said storage closet and that her keycard didn't work because there was no where to put the key.

She refused to believe me and went to the front desk. When she walked away, a kid came out of the closet and told us that the woman had been following her because she thought she was her Granddaughter, but they weren't related at all. She told us the woman tried to push her into her car, but she had ran away and hid in the storage closet. I asked her if she wanted me to call the police and she said no and ran off.

The older woman came back with a staff member and he opened the door to the storage room after she said she had left something inside of it. She looked really confused when it was empty and stormed off. We told the employee what had occurred and he said he'd report it to the police. We left the motel after that.


Starts Out So Wholesome...

This happened a few weeks ago

I had just received some bad news while I was walking home after hanging out with some friends. I was walking down the street crying when I noticed a guy sitting in a parked truck staring at me. I was too busy with my own thoughts I just kept on walking (with music in my ears).

Soon I felt someone grab my shoulder and turned me around. It was the guy from the truck. He had seen me crying and stopped to ask me if I was okay. I took out my earplugs and tried to tell him I was fine, and I just wanted to go home. He hugged me and I couldn't help myself from bursting into tears. It felt like such a random act of kindness.

Then suddenly his grip got tighter and I felt uncomfortable, but he wouldn't let me go. I looked up at him (because he was way taller than me) and begged him to just leave me alone. He then tried to kiss me and pull me towards his truck, saying how pretty I was and asking for my number.

I just panicked and tried kicking him but he was way bigger than me. I screamed for help and luckily two men were close enough to hear me and ran over to get the guy to let me go. I've never ran that fast home. And the worst part is that it was in broad daylight and he was just abusing the fact I was in such fragile state :(


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