Oh the things we can never unsee. The things that will leave us shooketh... to the core. When we're at work every second is a gamble. And the people we work, around and for can be the craziest of crazies.

Redditor u/zarfytezz1 wanted everyone to discuss the nuts they witness on the regular by asking.... What's the craziest thing you've ever seen at work?



I was working at a car dealership and was standing outside with my friends drinking coffee on a Sunday morning. All of the sudden we heard this sound like thunder and looked up to see an old Pontiac flipping end-over-end into the lot. It came crashing into a row of Yukons we had up on racks and knocked them over like dominoes.

Funny thing is that the guy driving the car was drunk as hell and climbed out of the wreckage without so much as a scratch. iconoclast63

Snake Eyes.

I was a manager at a small casino running a blackjack tournament.

I watched a man have a heart attack before my very eyes. It was the end of the round for that table the man advanced to the next round. As soon as the hand was over and was about to congratulate him I saw the exact moment that he realized that something was wrong. He grabbed his chest and his lips instantly turned grey.

It just so happened that the person sitting directly to his right was respiratory nurse.

She realizes immediately what's happening and throws him on the ground and starts CPR. She took full control of the situation like a hero in the movies. It was horrific and awe inspiring at the same time.

The man made a special visit to the casino two weeks later to let us know that he was okay.

To me, this wasn't crazy because I watched a man almost die. This was crazy because I saw the exact moment that he realized that he was in trouble. I saw the exact moment the nurse's instincts and training kicked in. I'll never forget it. Benkei929045

Yell Louder! 

There was a fire in the store I work at, towards the back of the store. We were getting everyone to evacuate and a woman would not leave.... she told me that since where she wanted to shop was not on fire, if she wanted to assume the risk of bodily injury that I could not stop her. I had to try to balance not losing my mind on her, with getting her to leave.

Luckily an older authoritative firefighter had just walked by and heard her, and he turned around and physically picked her up and called her out as he took her to the exit. It was as if the retail gods finally cut me a break. He did what we all wanted to do. It was absolutely glorious. genericAFusername


The weirdest thing for me (hotel front desk) was an old man (easily in his 70s, with his wife and kid) ask me if he could do donuts on our parking lot.

No, not the edible kind, I asked.

One of my co-workers told me on Christmas day that one of our elevators was currently off because it had bloody walls.

Turns out one of the guests (an already suspicious dude because of the rate he had) had gotten smashed and beat the crap out of his girlfriend and the friend they had come with. Dude got arrested, of course. Jakespeed207

Over a Barrel.


We were unloading some equipment from trucks. I was off to the side putting things away when I heard someone making really weird noises followed by loud bangs. I went over to the loading area to find a coworker pretending to be a monkey in the truck and throwing barrels down the ramp at another coworker who was jumping over them. Funniest thing I've seen in years. FC_Dubbs

At the car wash yeah....

I worked at a car wash. They would go into the tunnel, then come out and pull into a 3x2 car bay where we'd do a full service interior clean while customers waited inside with WiFi, coffee, TV, etc.

One day was particularly busy, and the bay was full, so we had a couple cars waiting in line to get in. There was one guy, we'll call Tom, probably early 40s, short, Asian, recently hired. He apparently forgot to get the stop button in the tunnel, so a car was getting pushed out and hit the empty parked customer car that was in front of it.

He got the customer out, idk what he said, but they went inside to talk to the manager. Then he tried to fix things by pulling the cars up, but ended up hitting two other cars with a customer car, then backing that car into the bushes and wall in the back. He just got out and stormed off while all hell broke loose with a handful of customers cars being crashed and everything backed up. It was not pretty. x_Pyro

Bravo Tom! 

Kind of happened over the span of some weeks or so. One of the managers at my work (not my department) started dating this lady. Lady turned out to be not so good for him because she had a coke addiction iirc and she was using him for money. Long story short, she bled him dry and left him right after. He ended up homeless.

He then bought a van off a buddy for cheap and started living behind our building. He had an outlet running under the loading door and everything. That lasted for a couple weeks, but then upper management found out and the guy got canned. I miss that dude. Hope you're doing well, Tom! DroidChargers

Going to the Chapel of Love.....

I'm a bartender and work a fair amount of weddings. The wedding party was messed up before the ceremony and it only got worse during cocktail hour and the reception. Sometime after dinner we heard voices raise, shouting and cussing commenced. Two bridesmaids where having a spat. Right in front of all the guests, including the bride and groom. Unfortunately they were bickering in front of the wedding cake.

So when reason flew out the window and good sense was doing shots they began pushing each other, which escalated to hair pulling and blows. Obviously people began trying to break it up. Unfortunately in the middle of the scuffle one of the bridesmaids was pushed forcefully into the cake table. She fell over this 5 story perfectly decorated cake. Demolished it. Never seen something so terrible and yet hilarious at an event. Just1morefix

*Trigger Warning* 

Warning: this is not a funny story. I worked in a hospital as a phlebotomist. My coworker was having troubles with her husband. He had returned from serving in the military with severe depression and paranoia. He tried to hurt her and told her he wanted to hurt their kids.

She took herself and kids to her parents house and reported him to the police. They took his guns and held them for 24 hours. Everyone at work was informed that he was not allowed on the hospital grounds. He came in to the hospital a couple hours after his guns were given back to him and shot and killed her and then himself.

Story watermelonoma



One of our machines broke on my shift. Roughly 10k lbs of metal went crashing 10ft down landing about 6 feet away from the nearest employee. I was shift lead at the time and was counting heads making sure nobody got crushed. My heart still races at the thought of that. All safety protocol was being practiced it was literally just a freak accident. Thankfully nobody got hurt just shaken up a little bit. x3young3x


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