People Share Their Coolest 'How The Hell Did I Do That' Experiences

People Share Their Coolest 'How The Hell Did I Do That' Experiences
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You get one, maybe two, of these situations in your life.

You don't know that you're about to become a legend. You don't know that you're about to pull off something so extraordinary, so fantastical, mortal humans won't be able to talk about for eons nor generations to come. In fact, it'll be so monumental to grasp that if you try to tell people about the moment after you do it, they won't believe you.

That's when you take to the internet.

Reddit user, /Mrdud3_28, wanted to hear about when you surprised yourself when they asked:

What's the coolest "how tf did I do that" moment you've ever had?

Magic Fingers

When you think of, 'How the f*** did I just do that?' moments you might think of something big, grand, done on a massive scale for the world to watch. It's funny to think that the greatest things you could never explain might just come down to some slight of hand.

Kids Are So Easy To Impress

I was teaching at the front of my class. A fly was buzzing around annoying me. I stuck my hand out and caught it between 2 fingers. My students thought I was a god that day.


Are You John Wick?

I once caught a nerf bullet fired at me from point blank range


Escaping The Long Arm Of The Law

I was drunkenly buying some weed when two policemen appeared on bikes to arrest the guys I was buying it off. I made up some bullsh-t that I thought they were taxi drivers and was trying to get a cab. One of the coppers, suddenly goes, 'what's that in your hand?'. It was a bag of weed I had just purchased. I some how managed to do some David Blaine style sleight of hand, flicking the baggy up my sleeve, whilst raising my arm to show an empty hand, to innocently proclaim that there was nothing in my hand. He said, 'fair enough mate,' and sent me on my way. I have never had the ability to do anything remotely like this, before or since.


Impressing People In School

There's no better feeling than pulling off some spectacular feet in front of hundreds of onlookers. It's even more amazing when you manage to do something awesome in front of all your classmates who can then talk about it for the next hundred days of school.


Ah yes. In Berlin, you can still play dodgeball in school. What was probably the coolest trick I somehow managed to pull off went like this: Two balls were thrown at me. As I jumped to catch one of them without getting hit by another, I miscalculated my jump and began to fall backwards. As I was falling, I had kicked one of the two balls straight up, then caught the other. I stood up quickly, and used the ball in my hands to hit the one I had kicked upwards over at the other team, then threw the one in my hands shortly after. It caught someone off guard, and both of the balls hit them. I'm still proud of that moment, even if it was a complete accident.



Our college campus had water balloons bandits. You'd be walking and get soaked with a very accurate, very large water balloon. You never saw anyone throw it, and 9 times out of 10 the first hit was a direct hit.

One night me and a friend were walking when one splashed right in front of us. I looked up, and silhouetted by the moon in front of us on a rooftop was a person barely peeking their head over the crest of the roof. I was eating an apple and had only taken one bite. They knew we saw them and ducked.

I threw the apple as hard as I could in that general direction. We both stood and watched as time slowed down. They popped their head back up and the apple made impact directly with their face. The apple disintegrated and the head vanished immediately.


Standing Up The Entire Team

I can throw things very fast and very far, but I have no control whatsoever so I sucked at sports. I could throw a baseball really fast, but none were strikes. I could launch a football, but it would go end over end, no spiral, no aim.

One day in college, I was walking past the football field while practice was going on. Someone punted the ball and it went into the endzone and over the fence and bounced right to where I was walking.

I picked up the football and saw a player calling for it near the 50 yd line. Trying my best to look casual, I launched it at them full force.

It was a thing of beauty. It had gone about 70 yards in the air. A perfect tight spiral, the guy who was calling for it didn't have to move an inch. It was perfectly placed right in the middle of his chest.

Several of the players were just staring at me and seemed surprised some guy in the street could make that throw. I tried my best to look cool and just walked away knowing I could never replicate that throw in a million years.


Things That Not Even Math Could Solve

Then there's those moments, so bizarre and incredible, that the only way to explain the odds of them happening would be to map it out on a chalkboard.

But who has the time?

Eyes Closed, Wallets Open

Playing darts, which I'm rubbish at, we were betting on closest to the bull. I knew I was crap at it so I thought what the hell and I closed my eyes, turned my head to the side and threw the dart. Straight into the bullseye. In front of a crowd of disbelieving people. Won a hundred quid as well..



Im blessed with the most random incredible luck. For some reason it happens during Comic Con where I would literally be pushed in a room full of celebs. Or I was mistaken as a celebs personal assistant and I got dragged away by her (she wasnt looking, she just grabbed my hand and I happened to be standing next to her).

The coolest would be meeting Stan Lee twice on the same day.

Im a nobody really, I should not be able to meet these people in any normal setting.


There's An Equation To This That's Too Hard To Solve

I was on a rollercoaster with some friends and as we went up the loop my glasses fell off and fortunately I some how managed to catch them as we rounded the bottom.

When I realised what happened I just looked to my friend sat next to me on the ride and just said "did you actually see what I just did" and resumed the fun.


The world is an interesting place sometimes, and occasionally sometimes at the center of all the interesting is you, doing something you'll never be able to again. That's okay. You did it once. That's more than enough.

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